Saturday, September 20, 2008

DJing on Tuesday, and grrrrrrrr.

So I'm going to be branching out a bit this week. Just a tiny bit. :) My friend Bellalera is now a manager over at the Global Passion Beach Resort [SLurl] and she asked me if I'd mind DJing an event out there this week, being that I'm her favorite DJ. LOL So Tuesday I'll be DJing over there from 7 to 9pm SLT. :) I'd LOVE if you all could join me out there so it doesn't look like I'm a total loser. LMAO

It should be fun, and just another chance to party this week, and meet some new people that have never come out to our Hump Day parties before.

And as I just said in plurk - People that I hate are about to come over and drop something off, and if they dare try to make me go out to dinner or a movie with them, I will seriously rip off my own arm and throw it at them. That should get me out of it, right? So now my RLBF is like "C'mon, we have to clean the house. It would be good if we didn't look like total slobs." Yeah, slob this, buddy.


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