Monday, July 7, 2008

Are these stolen or what?

Ok, check it.

I picked up these boots today as a free gift at a big shop. But ... I saw the exact same boots yesterday in a freebie store where I KNOW things are stolen [like the ETD Chandra hair and a hair by Deviant Kitties].

So...did the creator give these out freely for people to give away? Or what? I need to know how much guilt I need to have when I wear them. :-p I mean, they're great boots, they really are. But were they meant to be freebies? If I wear them, are people going to be like "Omg, stolen boots on your feet!" or are they going to be like, "Yeah, those are everywhere. Great boots, though."

Fill me in, those of you who are much more in tune with this stuff!!

God, it's getting harder and harder to figure what's a gift and what wasn't meant to be!


Leilani said...

Those look almost identical to Wrong's Metal Boots.

The base, the tip, even the creasing on the top front of the toe is so similar.

Calista Janick said...

Boots are one of the most easily copied ( I know because when i started building i would take things apart and you can only take modifiable stuff apart) so its not unlikely it may be stolen, I guess the only thing you can do is check them closely :p

Kimiko Manatiso said...

These are actually not stolen, but from my Prozak line I made free (full perm) to the public a month or so ago. I did model them after similar boots in SL, but there are differences that make them my own, including custom textures I made.

There are two other styles available, if you are interested (red and brown), and can be had from the full perm inventory set on, listed by Shinma Garzo.

Be warned - DO NOT PAY FOR THESE, I made them free for a reason.