Thursday, July 10, 2008


When I began my group, the main thing that I wanted to do was make a group for people who were like minded enough to want to meet and be together. And the reason that it's not open enrollment and never will be open enrollment is to keep out the spammers.

But tonight someone, using the excuses that she had not slept, was drunk, and is French, decided to berate me in my own group. And she went on and on. First it started out semi-nice. But as I was attempting to finish out my day and was also busy doing other things, I could not keep up the constant stream of chat that she seemed to want. I do not promise, and have never promised, that I'm constantly available for chat. Sometimes I am busy taking photographs for blog posts, or I'm researching things, or I'm talking to close friends face to face, or I'm spending time with Levi. Or sometimes I just want to be alone and sort inventory and listen to music. But this girl just would not quit talking. And the more she went on, the more agitated she got with me. Telling me that her English was better than my French ever will be [well no shit, considering I don't speak French and have no desire to learn], telling me that I judge people [I rarely judge PEOPLE, I judge CLOTHING choices and who doesn't do that?], and she put down my blog and ... god, I don't even know. It was such a tirade of complete nonsense, it was really really hard to figure out WHAT she was talking about in the first place. I mean, at one point she wanted to email me a RL picture to show me that she doesn't have bling.

Those of you in the Ch'Know group and probably some of you who were at the party tonight had already seen and heard this girl earlier at the party. In fact, she had been so hard to put up with, she almost ruined the end of the party for both Cen and myself.

Finally I'd had enough. Especially after she told me to fuck off. I had calmly told her 2-3 times that if she had a problem with me or my blog, no one was forcing her to be in the group, or to read my blog. But when it looked like she was going to remain belligerent and incoherent, I gave her some help. I booted her out.

Believe it or not, it really pained me to do it. Each person in the Ch'Know group has talked to me one-on-one at least 1-2 times before. Each person is personally invited by me. Levi or Cen could invite people in [and are free to do so], but so far everyone has been invited by me. I feel like our group is almost a little family. We stay in group chat together almost all day. We play together, we share things, we hit sales and lucky chairs together, we have a lot of fun. When we need someone to talk to, the group is right there. It's not open enrollment, but it is open.

But, she's booted [although still rambling in group chat from what I've been told, since there's no way to kick someone from the chat], and I muted her. Not much else I can do.

No comments for this post. As much as I love the "but I love you, Ali!" comments, I also don't want anyone bad mouthing her without knowing her.