Friday, July 18, 2008

Carnival of Doom Luckily Goes Pink!!

My group of friends LOVE lucky chairs. We do! Almost all night there's someone calling out letters for great chairs. Because that's the thing, we love GREAT lucky chairs.

So when Cecile Milena dropped the latest gift from the lucky chair at the Carnival of Doom on me, I almost screamed in delight. Not just because everything that is made for any of the Rezzable sims is almost always top notch, but because my letter NEVER comes up! And I'd be waiting forever for this amazing outfit! Plus, I didn't even know that the Carnival of Doom had a lucky chair, so that was good to know! I know a few of my friends who will be out there stalking that chair. I mean, did we ever get Laleeta away from the lucky chair at Crimson Shadow? ;)

The Zemfira Candy Suit, created by hyasynth Tiramisu is normally sold at Carnival of Doom for L$500. This price does seem steep, BUT...oh gosh, there are SO many pieces and SO many ways to mix & match!! I mean, I was discovering new pieces to the outfit as I was putting together looks. I came up with 3 looks for this post, but quite honestly, there's probably more than half a dozen ways you could put pieces together to create your own special look. The colors are absolutely rich, and since it's a candy suit, it's all kinds of girly goodness. I know, I know, let's get on with the pictures! [Which I took a bunch of. Sorry. LOL]

Must be this tall

My hair makes me taller.

Cotton Candy

Hell's Waiting Room

Gloves & Bracelet

Leaving hell

There are different layers for the shirt, waist cincher, and vest, along with the capris & cuffs, pants for the skirts, 2 different skirts, sleeves for the shirt [which I am not wearing because I didn't see them until it was too late], earrings, bracelets, and fingerless gloves. It's really the most amazing package!

The Zemfira Candy Suit will be available until August 1st in the Lucky Chair at the Carnival of Doom. The following SLurl will get you to the gates, but just go straight ahead, turn left, and go past the enormous red bear(?) thing and into the barn. I think it's marked Novelties. Look around at all the other cool things you can buy while you're waiting, too! :)

Carnival of Doom - SLurl

In this post I am also wearing hair by Magika, Pop is the long style and Fiona is the short one, Cutie Pie shoes by Periquita, skin by Free Spirit in the Desidelia skin tone, and Miriel eyes in Open Ocean. Pictures taken at the Carnival of Doom, both out in the open, and in Hell after I died jumping off the carousel.


Meara Deschanel said...


Dammit Ali you are going to make me log in from work now to stalk that thing.

You look cute, as usual. Bitch.

j/k ilu! <33333

*walks away mumbling something about freaking typos*

Calista Janick said...

LOL T0xic had to GIVE the dress to Laleeta to get her to leave!!

But cuuute ive been there so many times and i didnt know there were lucky chairs around!! i guess i was too busy dying lmao

Cailin Navarathna said...

Well I guess you know where I'LL be the next week.

Jessyka Richard said...

You're too cute to be standing next to those goatse mirrors!

Natasha Burke said...

Omg, that is cute! I will have to go stalk the chair. I have been there so many times and never saw lucky chairs. lol

Thank you Alicia! <3