Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Randomosity - Part 11 - More piccies!

I just realized I haven't shown any pictures lately!! And since I'm stalling on going back to texture my store, I thought I'd show some random pics that are on my desktop. :)

I gave Calista some LOLCat pics. She missed her frame and stuck it on the ceiling. I think the pic is pretty fitting to that smooth move. LOL

Calista has the dumb.



We went to onigokko around a dildo tree and things got out of hand. The Stay-Puft man lost his top and was all legs. I almost fell off the chair laughing. The owner of the gallery where we were hanging out came by, told us to turn off our onigokko music [we were the only ones there, btw], and then hit us up for donations.

Fat legs

Levi went into work late today, but I forced him to snuggle me before he left. I'm sure it was torture for him. ;)

Afternoon snuggles

Ok...guess I'll log in and see what I can do about my store. I HATE TEXTURING. But it has to be done. I can't leave it all crazy and plywood floors and stuff. Plus I need to go rent my stream for tonight. DISCO BABY!

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