Friday, July 18, 2008

Randomosity - Part 8 - A bunch of pics

It was a really quiet night for me tonight. Even the group was kind of quiet, which is really odd. Aside from a quick trip to go sit in a car for a couple of minutes, I've just been laying quietly on our quilt, poking around Digg, YouTube, and Wikipedia.

Since I'm so boring tonight, I thought I'd show some pictures that have been hanging out on my desktop that never made it to any posts.

Sai on her panther.

Sai on a panther

The 4 of us at the zoo, chillin' on a dinosaur.

Not Jurassic Park

Levi and me dancing at the zoo.

Zoo dancing

Checking out the show at the New Champagne Rooms.

New Champagne Rooms

Cali's friend went AFK. Out came the toy. LOL

Another AFKer

My new shoes! [Actually, these were the demo shoes, but I have these ones now. And yes, there's some total fug behind me.]



Lilah Fairey said...

eOmg, what is up with your pedicure? Avatar feet don't look that good, what is your secret? :D

Sai Pennell said...

zomg, thats meh and my panther! woot! :D

Glad you finally got the sandals!! Aren't they adoooooooorable? ^^

Bettye Dugan said...

Hey, great pics! I thought I heard a snap while I was dancing the other night. BUSTED!