Thursday, July 24, 2008

Party tonight? And some other things.

So...who wants to party with me at the pit tonight? :) Maybe just a costume party, you pick your own costume, and we'll bounce around inside the party ball. Or you choose to dress in one of our previous themes, since I know a lot of you have spent quite a bit on dressing for these events and it would give you a chance to re-wear something that you might have only gotten one use out of. Just let me know if anyone's interested. :)

I woke up at 6 this morning. I'm not sure why. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever sleep for 8 hours in a row [without medication] again. lol

I've been thinking a lot about clothing design lately. Oh, not that I think I have any talent in that field, but I think I could certainly design a line of very short skirts. The main thing is that I'd want to hand place every prim, not use any kind of loop script, so that there was a better shape to the skirt. And having done that once before, it is tedious and I don't do so well at using math to place prims. I just kind of stick things in places. LOL Plus I'd want to make my own textures for it so I'd have to relearn how to make seamless textures. Cen had also given me an idea for skirts [which I'm not saying because then someone will take the idea. :-p Well, not that it's a NEW idea and I'm sure has been done before.] and so there's that to think about. I haven't really built much in the past month, and most certainly haven't built anything practical in a while. I keep meaning to re-do the tequila belt as well. I feel like I messed up the design of it with the body shot wipes, but I don't know what to stick in the place there. Not that I HAVE to have every inch of the sucker filled up. But... ugh, I don't know. LOL But I am going to re-do it at some point soon. If you've bought it before, you'll get the free replacement, of course.

I miss my Levi. :( I haven't seen him in so long and we've barely had a chance to talk lately. He called me yesterday but I guess we lost the connection. I was talking and he was quiet and then the phone disconnected. Gotta love cell phones, huh? But I want him in world with me so we can cuddle and talk because if anyone asks where my favorite place in SL is, I could honestly say his lap is my favorite. :)

That reminds me...I wanted to try Poser again to make a new couch cuddle. Something that has us more side by side but still wrapped up in each other. Maybe I'll google search some images and see what I can do. Poser gives me such a headache, but I do want to learn it. I have looked at tutorials online, but maybe I should look at YouTube for one. I seem to learn better that way.

My car so badly needs washing. And an oil change. LOL But I'd be embarrassed to take it in for an oil change with it being all buggy covered and dusty. I usually just run it through one of those gas station washes, but I could use the sunshine today, so I might just do it myself. If I could change my own oil, how cool would I be? LOL

Oh, and as far as some stuff that happened on Calista's chatbox... Eh, what am I gonna say? lol

"Never explain--your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe you anyway."

I think I'll go wash the car now.

Oh but group gift from Evie's Closet! THAT is where I'm going first!

Annnnd I have a photoshoot to do with myself when I get back, because I just got a new lucky chair item and if it looks as good on me as it does in the picture...oh you ladies will be STALKING that chair!


Lokum Shilova said...

I am sure you look stunning in that dress! Hurry up take the photos

Tymmerie Thorne said...

/me waves hand wildly. Me!! I want to party at the pit with you! Jerremy and I truly missed the normal Wednesday fun. If there is anything we can do to help ease the burden of hosting - please let us know we would be happy to pitch in or act as hosts.

How's this for a future theme: First Aid night (everyone comes dressed as medical professionals)?

Alicia Chenaux said...

Lokum - I am, I am! :) I'm scouting out a location right now to take the best pics. :)

Tymm - I like that theme! I even have a nurse's outfit. :) We may need to ask for hosts this month, since Cen has holidays coming up and other family things. And while I can play host & DJ, I'd love for others to get in on the fun. :)