Monday, July 7, 2008

Strike a pose!

The boot mystery has been cleared up, and surprisingly, I know the designer of the boots! :) But they ARE supposed to be free and full perms, as all the Prozak stuff is, so don't pay anything for it. Kimiko, the creator of the items, IMed me and said the funniest thing was when someone got a pair of boots for free, wasn't sure if they were supposed to be free, and gave her $1L. LOL But you can get the entire Prozak inventory for free on SLX from Shinma Garzo. And as Kimi says, don't pay anything for them! I got the box tonight and I can't wait to go through it. Kimi, come make more things!! LOL

Now that that's cleared up, I got bored and started playing with poses tonight. Then I read a notecard that came with the Mariah Carey group gift pose from Striking Poses. If you use one of the poses from there, you can send in a photo of you using it and it'll be showcased at the store. There are some rules and stuff too, so if you choose to do it, be sure you read the rules. I usually stay far away from any kind of modeling stuff in SL, but this seems fun and so I started playing around.

Any good photoshoot requires a good outfit, and after I saw the new Blaze tube dresses - Crush - I had to buy one. They're sooooo sexy!!! Then I threw down the petals I bought at Penn's store on top of our bed and got to snappin'. A quick trip through Photoshop and poof, I was done. Now the one I'm choosing to send in of course has writing on it, but I'm just showing the plain version here. :)

From the Paris Hilton collection [this is the one I chose to send.]

Striking Poses - Paris Collection

From the Angelina Jolie collection

Striking Poses - Angelina Collection

And the Mariah Carey group gift.

Striking Poses - Mariah group gift

I always forget how relaxing it is for me to sit in Photoshop and play with pictures until I do it. I only spent about 20 minutes altogether, which isn't a lot of time and I probably could have spent more to make them look better, but I think they came out pretty. Of course, it's hard not to look good in that dress. It's smokin' hot! I'm hanging out at home in it now just in case Levi logs in. Of course, it's after midnight for him now, so he's probably snoring. :-p [Just kidding, baby. I know you don't snore.]

Hmm... well, guess I'll watch YouTube now. LOL

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