Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fun at Crimson Shadow

I wasn't quite sleepy enough after Levi logged off for bed to head there myself [he calmed me down during our private afterparty, but unfortunately I didn't go right to bed when I should have and got my second wind], so I thought I'd go hang out at Crimson Shadow [SLurl] and wait to see if I could win that delicious dress from the lucky chair. There were a bunch of women waiting around out there, so I didn't feel conspicuous while I just stood there and sorted through some inventory [and I was dealing with all the group mess] when who should show up but Tox1c Chemistry himself. I've spoken to him before when he's sent me something to model & review in this blog, but I'd never met him face to face. I didn't say anything, because 1, I didn't think he remembered me since he probably talks to tons of bloggers, and 2, I hate bothering designers when they're in their stores because I know sometimes I only pop in to my shop just to check something and I don't always have time for a long conversation. Ok, so most of the time I DO have time, but I'm also not that busy normally. LOL

He shouted out that a catsuit was on sale for $100L. Me being me, I asked if a cat came with the suit. I know, I know. It wasn't terribly intelligent. LOL Give me a break, it was 4am. But he said he was looking for a cat to give me. LOL! I ended up buying the outfit, because most things at Crimson Shadow can be pricy, and this catsuit is totally delish. In fact, I had planned on buying it right before I left the sim because $100L for a full outfit, from kitty ears to shoes, is NOT bad. And especially not bad for Crimson Shadow! So I bought it and he asked me to put it on so he could see it how it fit. [And because it doesn't look good on him. But shh, that's our secret.] All new clothes that I buy usually have to be tried on immediately, so I was already pulling on the socks when he asked. :-p

Crimson Shadow - Modeling for Tox1c

This catsuit is loads better than the one I have from another store. That's Tox1c back there. Aren't his wings awesome?

The catsuit comes with a bunch of pieces, including what seems to be a skin for the headpiece [like actual Catwoman] and 2 sets of ears, to wear with the headpiece and to wear with hair, plus shoes and a tail. It's really a great piece of work. Here are some better pictures.

Crimson Shadow - Catsuit

Crimson Shadow - Catsuit back

So then, and this was a complete shock, he decided to put something else for sale and asked me what it should be!! I was drunk with power! LMAO Kidding, kidding. :) But it was fun to get to choose, and I chose a coat set. It's normally $400L, but he set it for $150L. I snatched it up quickly and put it on. He gave me a pair of boots for it too, and then told everyone in the store that anyone who bought one of the sale pieces got free boots while he was in there. [Don't go IMing him for free boots. LOL] But oh, this outfit is just so pretty. Very sexy vampire, or just sexy gothic. Oh hell, it's just sexy. Another girl who bought the outfit and I were just standing around being pretty models for a while.

You can't really see it as well in this picture I took of it, but I'll probably be running around in it later. I also paired it with just a simple pair of stilettos.

Crimson Shadow - Coat set

It comes with a choker and a cross tattoo for the chest. It's really marvelous.

So big big thanks to Tox1c for being so cool, and for letting me have fun with picking a sale item. And ladies, run your butts over there and pick up these sale items. I don't know how long they'll be at these prices, but they are totally worth it. Tox1c does some fantastic texturing!

But I STILL haven't won that dress from the lucky chair!!!


CeN said...

Sounds like a great way to end your night, those outfits are gorgeous.

I also want to send gigantic hugs cause you've done me the biggest favor ever, ever, ever. You know. Thanks :)

RedIce Cioc said...

Regarding your blog post "Blargh.", I have posted my opinion and the lady's opinion on my blog. What happens was that before she talks to you, she was telling me about all this.

Amethyst McMahon said...

ooohhhhh.. I am sooo jealous! You are such a lucky gal and sooo sexxay in black! ;)

Asia said...

He did exactly the same thing for me LOL, nice guy though(great sales technique too)..he took a really nice pic of me in the 100L catsuit too..bargain bargain bargain

Asia said...

i am convinced there is no A in that lucky chair.LOL He did exactly the same with/for me, really nice guy, took my pic too in the bargain bargain catsuit.

Asia said...

I am convinced there is no A in that lucky chair i waited for it, ended up buying it when toxic reduced it to 100L..nice guy he did the same thing for me, and he took a great pic of me wearing the bargain catsuit, it looks great huh?