Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Transferring and new hair

I'm in the process of trying to move all my SL stuff [this blog and my SL account and all that] to my SL email. So if you see me comment on your blogs and I seem to be switching pictures back and forth...it just means I have no idea what email I'm signed into. LOL

Actually, it's not a hard process. I signed up for SL using an email that I use for other things and I'd like to be able to keep all my SL stuff in one spot. Well, 2 spots, since I use Yahoo for emailing and instant messenger, and Gmail for everything else. Changing the email for my SL account is easy. But I've been fretting over transferring ownership of my blog to the new email. I read how to do it, I've done what I needed, but I still worry that one false step and poof - no more blog. LOL And that would probably kill me.

But I've been meaning to show off my new favorite hair!

Modern 69 - Egoist

From Modern 69, a new line from the awesome shoe store ::69::, this is called Egoist. I usually get a little scared when a store that is established for one product decides they're going to try their hand at something else. I almost always find that the new product isn't quite as good as what is already there, and 69 has GREAT shoes. But this hair, while not PERFECT, is pretty damn good! Check out the other side, I think this is what caught my eye.

Modern 69 - Egoist

The cute little braids!! The beads are also color change, which is fun, but I do wish there was an option for "Change All" instead of having to click on each one. But that just means you can have a rainbow on your head if you'd like. And you guys know I'm all about having options for hair and clothes. Just a little more bang for your buck. At $200L for a pack of 5 shades, it's a definite deal. And don't think I haven't been trying to get my RL hair to do this. Unfortunately it's not as long in RL as in SL. Not anymore, anyway. It will be again. Maybe by Christmas. :-p

There are only 4 styles [since I picked up the style anyway], 2 of which have hats, but I can't wait to see what else will come out.

::69:: - SLurl

When you go in the store, go towards the back and up the ladder. There's also a pack of $1L jewelry. I didn't like the necklaces, but I liked the big cuff bracelet. :)

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