Sunday, July 6, 2008

Your input!

K, I have a poll on the side there about what you'd like a theme to be at an upcoming Viper Pit party. If you have a theme that you'd like to see and I didn't list it [cause I'm lazy and only thought of 3 things] then just comment to this post. :)


Calista Janick said...

omg why is trailer trash automatically paired up with country =o!! that's not cool!! lol!

Now if ya'll excuse me I gotta go round up em kids!!

Penn Euler said...

I'd vote for alt rock and indie.
Then again, I've never been to the Viper Pit. I'll have to correct that some time.

CeN said...

I really want a country night. I think it would be fun to dress country, and for those that don't like country music they could always play their own but still come have fun with us :)