Saturday, July 26, 2008


Remember how I said that I haven't been getting more than maybe 4 hours of sleep in a row for a long time? Yeah, my "nap" that I decided to take after the wedding today lasted from 4pm until 1am. LOL Oops.

Tymmerie's and Jerremy's wedding was BEAUTIFUL!! I have a bunch of pics but they need resizing before I post. But you can find pictures on other blogs right now, too. :) I swear, I was teary eyed when it started, but when they said their vows, I was hunting for kleenex. I'm such a sap. :) The reception was loads of fun, too! Great music, great people, and great food. I totally tucked food away in my purse to bring home with me. We don't have a kitchen, you know. LOL Big congrats again to Tymmerie & Jerremy!!!

I guess I'll go in world and read all the notices before the messages cap. That happens all too often these days.

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Tymmerie Thorne said...

Alicia, thank you for coming!! I am so glad you got some leftovers to munch on!!! LOL!