Saturday, July 19, 2008


This morning, Penn sent the Ch'Know group a gift of fire twirly sticks courtesy of his friend Kabaka Kwaszes, who seems to have taken a shine to the girls of the group. [Not that I blame him. We are highly gorgeous and awesome women.] A few of us met Kabaka one morning as we tested out his fireworks thing, which was loads of fun.

Levi and I were hanging out when the present came through, so immediately we had to get up and dance with our new toys. Well, we had to put on clothes...but that's just good sense when playing with fire. Not that we put much on. LOL

Fire dancing!!

Fire Dancing

And then, because it never gets old and it makes me laugh so freakin' much...

Fire Onigokko!!!

Fire Onigokko!!!

We must have done onigokko for about 30 minutes while we chatted with the group and took pics. You can go over to Levi's Snapzilla to see a couple more pics he took this morning. I always suggest you go over there anyway, because he sometimes catches pics of me that I wouldn't have. :)

I told Calista that almost all of my pictures lately are of onigokko. LOL But pictures don't usually do it justice, so go over to Sai's blog to check out her onigokko videos.

I'm starving. I logged in and Levi is playing piano, but he's so good, he can do it while he's Away. LOL So I'm not going to go eat until he comes back so I can say hi. :)

My piano man

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Quiplash said...

Why are you showing us group gifts from a group that nobody else can join???