Sunday, July 13, 2008

More RL stuff.

So a lot of you have IMed me in the past couple of days just to see how I'm doing. And I've probably told you that I'm ok. And that's not entirely false, but it's not entirely true either. I am tired and so stressed out that I feel like a really stretched out rubber band that wants to snap. This coming week definitely won't be a fun one for me, so if my posts are shorter, or if I seem edgy when you talk to me in world, please know ahead of time it's nothing personal. I am definitely using SL as an escape right now, and I may not want to talk about anything heavy when I'm there. Levi told me this morning that I need to take a day off from all my worrying, but having not had a day off from worrying in the past 10 years, I wouldn't know how. lol Even when things are relatively calm, I am always worried about something that is usually out of my control. But SL is my time to breathe, and I am eternally grateful for those of you who make me laugh with just being who you are. You all give me a chance to take a deep breath, or stop my stomach from hurting, or have tears that come from laughing. I have friends that make me laugh and a partner who makes me feel loved and safe. How could I ever thank you all for that? Words would never be enough.

Anyway, so that's what's going on. Those who need to know more will know more, but those who don't will not. But I guess that's true at any time really. I just wanted to let you guys know kind of where my head is these days since I've been asked.


Calista Janick said...

aww Ali! We're good for more than just laughs you know! lol we all love you so much and you're such a great person

We're all here for you, for support and to talk whenever you need to just let it all out!

Anonymous said...

Much hugs and love, Ali

Believe me, I'm a ball of stress right now too. At times this past week I've been a totally crabbie bitch to Andy! For me at least, I'm trying to remember that I should try not to stress out too much over things I have no control. Not that it really helps LOL but for about 5 seconds I feel better :)

elinor m said...

Ok you - personal question, but here goes -

Are you working out? Getting any kind of physical excercise?

And no, blogging does NOT count. If not, try getting out and just walking 20 mins a day. Then work up to a bit more as you feel comfortable.

yeah, I know, unsolicited assvice sucks, but it works WONDERS for my stress levels and also my do me a huge favor and try it if you aren't now.

And if you already are, maybe look inot a yoga class...just cuz I can't shut up about the benefits of excercise!

/shutting up now...crawling back to my hole...