Thursday, July 10, 2008

The end. LOL

I was writing up this big long blog post over the recent ridiculous drama...but the more I wrote, the more I thought about it.

The truth is - it doesn't matter. Those closest to me know me. They enjoy what I write, they like, or at least respect, my opinions. In fact, I had a friend tell me yesterday that he's enjoying the fact that I'm not trying to be super sweet and that I am actually giving opinions now.

If you don't like me or my blog or my avatar...don't pay attention, don't read, and don't look. Don't come to the pit and don't ask to be in the group. It is really that easy.

I blog for me. I don't blog for fame or glory or free stuff or to make myself look important. I blog because I like it. If you don't, there are MANY other blogs you can read.

End of drama, end of story. :)

Besides, how in the world could I stay upset when I have crazy friends who make me laugh until I'm crying in the middle of the day??


Penn & Laleeta

[12:00] You: you're quick. penn is taking his time.
[12:00] Calista Janick: LOL
[12:00] Laleeta Xue: omg xD
[12:00] Cailin Navarathna: lmao seems hes a bit more clean of a person, if hes taking his time. xD
[12:01] You: LMFAO
[12:01] Calista Janick: ROFL
[12:01] Calista Janick: Laleeta just went got it done and came back
[12:01] Laleeta Xue bonks Cailin with her Cock Tail.
[12:01] Cailin Navarathna: rofl!
[12:01] You: LMFAO
[12:01] Laleeta Xue: There you won I'm gonna take a shower :p !
[12:01] You: LMFAO
[12:01] Calista Janick: LMAO
[12:01] Cailin Navarathna: ROFL

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Meara Deschanel said...

Aw damn. Look what I missed because I went to go get a hug. :-/

It's ok though, because I got cuddles on the beach from a hot Scotsman later. w00t.

(btw, he wants a group invite kkplzthx <333)

And wtf is up with my ass looking that fat in the first picture? O.O

/me goes to do lunges