Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Randomosity - Part 10 - Stalling

Nothing makes me happier than an out of the blue call from my baby. :) Even if we do talk about charming things like embalming fluid out of the nose and firing squads. LOL [C'mon, you knew I'd mention it. ;)]

I miss Valryn of Soulfire. :( I'm wearing her Blues Girl outfit today and I miss all the great clothes she used to come up with. Not to mention I miss her comments here in the blog.

The Pit is getting a makeover very soon. Less urban grungy, more...not urban grungy. LOL If you live or rent with us, you'll get all the information. My store is even moving to the other side, near the fishing. Rick did up a layout for us to see and I think it's going to look really good when it's done.

Did we ever mention that Sam graduated from basic training earlier this month?

Ok...I've been stalling all day on building. LOL Back to the belt.

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