Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good morning everyone!

Levi asked me this morning what was new in SL, and then mentioned I hadn't posted a new blog in HOURS. I told him that I'm simply boring when I get to working on something. LOL More boring than usual!! I get involved in moving prims around and writing takes a backseat. So what am I working on?

A pancakes belt!

But this belt isn't what some people think it is, so I'm going to have to make 2 belts. The one I'm working on right now is more of a ... pancake making belt. Complete with griddle. Once I finish the spatula, I think it'll be done. I'm VERY pleased with the actual belt part of it. It may be my best and cleanest looking one to date. I so wish I were a better builder, though. Like one of those who uses math and sketches out plans. My builds are happy accidents. LOL But after this one is completed, I'm going to build a different pancakes belt.

And yes, for those of you who didn't see it, I did make it into New World Notes again. LOL It's funny when people IM me "Did you see?!" One day I hope to make it in there for doing something amazing. Not that I haven't loved each time that I've been in there!! But there is a difference between me being in there because I wrote about sex and someone like Eshi Otawara being in there because she builds amazing sims at the drop of a hat. LOL

It's almost 8am and still semi-cool here so I think I'll go take a walk and then settle in to complete my belt. I'd like to have it done and ready for the store by tonight. I haven't had an update in weeks with all the RL junk going on.


Calista Janick said...

oh! I bought this candy holster and it came with bubblegum, maybe you should make your belt and a pancake that comes seperate that comes attached to your mouth? lol that would be cute!

slhamlet said...

Hey darlin', I happen to think your writing is about as cool as creating a great dress, but then, I'm biased. :)