Monday, July 28, 2008

Early morning babble

Up early and back to the posing grindstone. :) Actually, I am just cleaning up last night's poses in QAvimator. For some reason, the priority didn't take very well from just the poses straight from Poser, but seemed to after a clean up. Well, on the female pose. The male pose seems to be a little fidgety. Now if Levi will wake up and get his cute butt into SL so we can test these out together, I can go back to work. :) Of course, it is only just after 6am for him... LOL I just feel like I haven't seen him NEAR enough lately, or even talked to him enough. We were in world together very early Saturday morning and talked on the phone that afternoon, but he wasn't home and I didn't want to bug him constantly while he was out trying to have fun. LOL I'd have seen him if I hadn't gone to bed so early last night. Stupid sleeping. It takes up precious time out of my day!

So while I'm standing around doing nothing except looking at myself, I thought I'd check out Hester's profile just to see if she's conned some guy into partnering her yet. She hasn't, but she has been with the same guy for a few weeks now. The funniest part is that out of the 3 times she's written his name in her profile, she's misspelled it twice. LOL

I have an idea for a new belt. I should sit down and do a rough build of it, but I seem to be a bit distracted this morning. I keep looking at this and that, coming back here to type a little more, looking at something else in world, typing a little more, etc. Someone needs to get online and hold me down. :-D Plus I got all bitchy at a belt I was working on the other day because the belt buckle wasn't working the way I wanted. It's going to require a quiet room, shutting down group chat, ignoring IMs, and getting totally zoned to get it done, I think. I might do that this afternoon.

Out of things to talk about for now, so I'll stop writing. :)

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CeN said...

"Someone needs to get online and hold me down"

Oh, OH...pick me pick me!