Thursday, July 3, 2008


After all the "excitement" of being called greedy, the night has been fairly quiet for me. I spent some time playing out in front of my store, dancing on the sign, and proving that I do in fact eat kittens for breakfast.

I do eat kittens.

Why haven't I returned the sign yet? Amusement, mostly. LOL I will eventually, but right now it still cracks me up, so it's been totally worth it so far. 2 prims isn't much to spend on something that makes me laugh so hard every time I see it. Heck, the bowl of kittens was 105 prims altogether and only made me laugh half as much.

I didn't plan on going anywhere or doing anything for the 4th. It's not a holiday that I get all crazy about aside from wanting BBQ & potato salad, and honestly, I can have that any time. Going to firework displays around here is more trouble than it's worth. You have to get to where you're going around 6 or 7pm otherwise parking lots, parks, and the side of the road fill up, nothing actually starts until 9 or 10, it's hot, people bring about 25 kids each and don't pay attention to them, the fireworks go for about 5 minutes, and you spend 2 hours getting home because everyone leaves at the exact same time and half of them are drunk from all the beer they downed between the time they got there and the time the fireworks stopped. So I figured I'd stay home, thank you kindly, and play in SL and hit up random sales and all that good stuff. But no. I'm going out during the day. LOL I'll just have to make sure to leave for home before 5pm.

But I do like all the fun freebies and gifts that have been given this week for the holiday. Very fun. :) I took some pictures, but I'll only share one because I liked it the best.

Army recruiter

I have another but it has more of a celebration feel, so I'll show it off tomorrow.

Woot! Levi just signed on, so I'm out.

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