Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fashion Disasters @ 8pm SLT!!

FASHION DISASTERS tonight at the Viper Pit!! We'll be in the party ball, so if you have your LM from the last time, use it. Or come to the pit [the SLurl is on the side of my blog here] and there will be a LM giver set up.

I will say this... the ladies of the Ch'Know group are going all out for this. LOL I mean, shapes are being changed, new skins are being put on, and at some point there was talk of prim boobs and prim booties. LOL So if you want to look like a complete hot mess, now is your chance!!!

As always, you don't HAVE to dress in the theme, just come and party and have fun with us. :) But like Cen said in her blog.. "However, if you don’t dress in theme and someone says “OMG that’s a perfect outfit, total fashion disaster” well... that would be awkward now wouldn't it?"

8pm is party time, but I usually start up the music 15-20 minutes beforehand, so you're always welcome early. :)

Oh, and I promise. No one ends up on What The Fug who comes tonight. At least, not this time. ;)

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