Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I am NOT Paris Hilton.

So apparently someone is stumbling onto blogs with the search term "alicia video sex tape SL."

LMAO! God, that's funny.

First of all, I don't have sex videos. :) Second, if I did, they would be for private viewing between Levi and me only. Third, if I did and I did want them to be shown, they'd be "secretly leaked" to the fine fellows at Are We Not Men. So I guess you perverts could start checking there first.

I'm still giggling hard over that. Who the hell would think that I'd be trashy enough to tape myself having sex and then release the video?

Of course, I get hits on my blog from people searching for "callie cline cunt," "panty talk," "clitless subs," "a girl & three penis in all her hole," "becky's butts .com," "fun in her butt," and "pregnant pornstars."

And if writing all that doesn't bring out the freaks, perverts, and losers, I don't know what will. LMAO


CeN said...

LMAO! Some of my favorite searches that show up on my analytics are:

-Ball Buster
-Blue Balls
-Blue Balls feel good
-Naked pics of myself
-Fetish Clothes
-How to make a fancy watermelon basket

Alicia Chenaux said...

LMFAO! All the balls...and a watermelon basket. Well at least not everyone who comes to your blog is a big old perv. LOL!!

CeN said...

I'd make a joke about melon balls but that's too easy ;P