Wednesday, July 2, 2008

SecondWave freebie!

Ok, everyone's heard about the Juicy heels that are free for the 4th. But did you also know that Sioxie Legend of SecondWave Apparel []SLurl] has a pack of patriotic camis for free too? I didn't know that until I went over today to look at her new Sleeping Beauty outfit - which, btw, if STUNNING and I may end up having to get it - and I found the camis right there by the lucky chair. The best part is that the camis are not all centered just around the 4th. You can definitely wear them year round. There's even a pink one!

SWA is one of my top favorite places to shop. Sioxie's textures are gorgeous and she's really generous with sales and freebies, and her everyday prices are very good. Plus the lucky chair changes every 2 minutes. Not so good for the lucky chair groups, but at least if you hang around, chances are you'll go home with something. :)

Now quit reading and go to SWA and look around and get your shirts! :)

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Aisuru Rieko said...

yea, I sent a notice out to the group. but I'm thinking I'm always the last to know stuff so I won't send out anymore "breaking news"

just call me late to the party or something XD