Friday, July 11, 2008

A long rambling post about nothing big.

I did a little tidy up of my friends list earlier tonight. As chaotic as my inventory is on a regular basis, my friends list is pretty clean. There are some people who will never be removed even though their SL time is sporadic at best [like Tristan and Sidonie]. There are people there that I don't get to talk to often because of time differences, but they won't be removed either. And there are those very few that I met in my first few days that I only talk to once in a very great while, but I can't remove them for sentimental value.

I really don't mind adding people to my friends list, but I'll admit I'm kind of shy about it. I usually wait for people to add me, although there are some people I've added on the spur of the moment. The funniest thing...Levi and I have 2 calling cards for each other because we added each other at the same time. He says that I rejected him first. LOL But that's not true!! In fact, the cards are only 4 seconds apart.



We TOTALLY missed that yesterday was the 6 month anniversary of the day we met!!! Half a year already!! Woot!!

Ooh, speaking of anniversaries, this coming Wednesday is the 3 month anniversary of when Levi and I became exclusive. :) And then the Wednesday after that is our 1 month partnership anniversary. :) Happy happy happy.

And yes, I do usually keep track of things like anniversaries. lol

So I picked up this photoball thing that was a dollarbie at some Japanese store. It's kind of cool, like for the backgrounds and stuff. But I'm not big on the lighting, unless I don't mind really blue or really green lights on me. LOL And I had to rip out all the poses that were in there and put in the ones I have in one of my posestands. But honestly, it's not much different than the hollowed out sphere that I use to take pics when I'm going to put them on my own backgrounds. Still, only $1L and it does make for a nice picture when I get the lighting right, so it was worth it.

Thanks to Elora, I finally got the dress from the Crimson Shadow lucky chair! I also got a white tuxedo from another one of the Rezzable sims. LOL That was not what I was waiting for, but since I was there... LOL I'd take a pic of me in the lucky chair dress, but it's late and this late at night I'm usually laying on the couch watching YouTube videos and catching up on Digg, and hoping that I might catch Levi if he wakes up early. :) I still don't know why people think that I'm constantly on the go when I'm in world. Most of the time I'm just like this...laying down on our couch or on the pillow we have by the fireplace, hanging out. Of course, it's mostly very late at night that I am, but sometimes during the day too.

But I am getting tired of looking at the screen, so I guess I'll wrap this up and hope to see my baby later, or at least talk to him. Yes yes, I'm one of those clingy girlfriends. :-p If you had someone as great as him, you'd be one too.


Dyami Jameson said...

/me hopes as your brother-in-law by partnership that I don't get booted off anytime soon

My friends list isn't long at all. Yeah, I could have added more, but I knew the chances of me actually talking with them again would be slim. For me it's not quantity, but quality, even in r/l.

CeN said...

Happy Anniversary Princess!
I can't believe I forgot.
I guess this week has been kind of crazy in RL and SL and I've been so distracted.


Tymmerie Thorne said...

OMG! I hope I am still on your friends list! /me bites her nails nervously. How can I win SL without Alicia Chenaux on my friends list?

I SLove your rambling posts as they give me stuff to read when I am bored at work.