Monday, July 7, 2008

Head scratcher

Ok, so upon further inspection of the boots, what I have come to understand is this. The brand of the boots is PROZAK, and somehow in my travels I have collected 3 pairs of the same boots from 3 different stores. There are also 2 stores, by 2 different owners, that are selling the Prozak items. Both stores have different prices. All the posters are created by the same person, who appears to be the alt of the creator of the boots. [That's not that uncommon, so no biggie.] Both stores claim that the stuff is not some Business In A Box mess. Neither store have anything saying they're official resellers of that brand. Neither store appear to be owned by the creator of the boots, or by the alternate account. The black boots in question are being sold in both stores.

So are they supposed to be free? I don't know. This mess makes my head hurt. LOL I'm about to be like my mother when she'd finally get worn down by me. "Go! Go! Wear your free boots or pay for them or whatever! Just get away from me!"


Mena Nadezda said...

My dear Ali, i knew this was going to happen, and im glad its been blogged by you :D. well, the creator is KIMIKO waco or manatiso right? well, that kimiko is the same as my friend AMIYAH, remember her? she was the owner of PROZAK but like...2-1 months ago she decided she wanted to stop the creations and set the whole inventory for free with full perms, but some people have been selling the clothes/shoes/tattoos and others decided to keep it freely...i hope this helps

Kimiko Manatiso said...

Lol, what Mena said. These were all released full perm some time ago.

I do see a social experiment here in the mindset of people who obtain full perm items for free and then sell them to unsuspecting players.

Many apologies for any confusion you have found in my product, and I hope you enjoy it and pass it on.

Thanks again!