Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lucky to get Midnight Blue!

Everyone knows that Crimson Shadow probably has some of the BEST lucky chair gifts in SL. Well, if you're a woman, of course. ;) Starting today there's a new gift in the chair and oh WOW, is it totally gorgeous! Lokum Shilova was kind enough to send me the dress in advance so I don't have to wait for it. Hey wait...are they telling me to stop coming to Crimson Shadow? Have I turned into Laleeta?! LOL! [Kidding! We miss you, Laleeta!!]

The Midnight Blue dress was created exclusively for Crimson Shadow by Moxie Polano and is a lush silk and lace dress with two options. A tighter silk skirt that would look perfect in any jazz or formal club, and a full formal skirt which would be lovely in the ballroom or for any of you medieval-ish roleplayers out there. Let's take a look at the tight skirt first.

Midnight Blue - Tight skirt

The texturing is SO wonderful for this dress. I wanted to rub my face all over the skirt to feel the silk. The chest ruffle is made of lace and sculpted roses. I didn't have to adjust it at all, so it may be a little small on those with wider shoulders or a bigger higher bustline.

See those lovely shoes on my feet? They come with the outfit! The stiletto is VERY pointy, so be careful when you walk. You may poke holes in the floor.

Midnight Blue - Shoes

[Looking back, maybe doing these pics on a blue background wasn't the best decision. :) But it looked good to me!]

The full skirt is absolutely lovely. I could definitely see myself dancing in Avilion or some other ballroom in it. Hey baby? Can we go dancing??

The texturing for the skirt is, again, fantastic! I actually feel like there are different layers to the skirt.

Midnight Blue - Formal

Midnight Blue - skirt

I am definitely in love with the pretty chest ruffle. Although you could wear the dress without it...why would you? It's gorgeous! The sculpted roses are quite well done and the lace is detailed.

Midnight Blue - Chest roses

The Midnight Blue dress comes with the shirt, pants, sculpted shoes, chest ruffle, gloves, tight skirt, full skirt, and hair veil [not shown because I couldn't figure out which hair to wear with it, but it's really cute]. The dress retails for $700L but can be yours if you're willing to put some time into waiting at Crimson Shadow for the lucky chair. Why wouldn't you?! Go go go!! You only have until August 10th!

Crimson Shadow - SLurl

I'm also wearing 'Scarlet' skin in the Desidelia tone by Free Speerit, 'Tyra' hair in Platinum by ETD, and 'Open Ocean' eyes by Miriel. Photos taken on location at Eloquence, thanks to Moggs Oceanlane, and Vignette, one of the prettiest sims I know.

I also couldn't stop myself from taking a picture in the photobooth at Eloquence.

Midnight Blue - I couldn't help it.


Seren said...

Oooo! I went to try my hand at the chair, and while there, Toxic threw some skins I'd been wanting down to 1/2 price! So, I bought 2 - and THEN - OMgosh - he threw a free skin at me! I was sooo happy. So then I went and BOUGHT this dress, feeling like I'd been lucky enough already. And it is an AMAZING dress, wow. thanks for the heads up!

Alicia Chenaux said...

Tox1c is definitely one of the more generous designers in SL. :) Good for you for buying the dress! It's DEFINITELY worth the price!