Sunday, May 18, 2008

Batons & Pool Fun

Regarding the G Field wedges - These seem to be one of those "you love it or you don't" things. :) I'm sure I wear a lot of things that people think "OMGWTF?" and I just love it.

I've noticed something. When I'm not in a good mood or I'm trying not to think, I throw some prims around. Today I was dancing with Cen using those new Sine Wave free dances [they're copy/trans, so if you can't get into the sim, which is possible and you're not in the Ch'Know group, IM me and I'll pass them over] and we were listening to a poppy techno dance type station and I started making some batons with flexi strings on them. I've seen a variation of this before, but it was of course done way better than I could do, but mine are cute too, and cheap. lol

Ch'Know Ravin' Batons

They'll be up for sale in the store later this evening, and the Ch'Know group gets them for free because they put up with me. lol

Last night, Caillaigh Elfenbeim dropped a couple of pictures on me along with a notecard saying that they had some fun out at the NCI [New Citizens Incorporated] place with the summer pools I built a few days ago. I absolutely love when people get some use out of my funny little creations. Check out the pictures...and where do I get one of those sombreros?!

NCI Enjoys The Pool!

NCI Enjoys The Pool!

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