Thursday, May 22, 2008

Profile Snob!

Ok, so I didn't do my normal 2-3 posts today. lol I was kind of tired, and I had some RL things that had to be done. Darn that RL!

I was going through my friends list this doing a clean up of people that I really do NOT remember very well [people add me to their list to ask a question, and I never hear from them again], and I realized something.

I am a profile snob.

It's sad but true. Putting some things in your profile is so small and simple. But what I really look for are people who really take the time to fill things out. Tell me about your SL, put some picks in but not just of a couple of sex clubs and a freebie beach. Make a pick and make it personal. I change my profile around every so often, and anyone looking at my profile would know right away a lot about my SL.

What can you tell in 30 seconds looking at my profile?

1. I do a lot of things in SL.
2. I belong to some fashion type groups.
3. I have a boyfriend.
4. I have a best friend.
5. I sometimes dress like a cat.
6. I think my friends are funny and I like to save what they say.
7. I have a store.
8. I have a sense of humor.

30 seconds to find out if you want to bother talking to me. 60 if you read slow. LOL Just looking at the profile of the person first on my list at the moment, here's what I can tell about her.

1. She's a stripper.
2. She can't spell.
3. She's married with kids.


See? Profile snob. lol Put a picture, write a couple of things, put in a personal pick or two, and poof. That's all. Give me something to read!!

I guess I'm going to go back to building. I was making a simple big beaded necklace just to get the feel of placing prims around my neck because I still have this necklace design in my head, but it's going to require the prims to be hand placed, not done with Loop-rez or anything like that. I don't know what I'll do with this once I'm done.... Maybe find a flashing script and make it a partner to the Ravin' Batons, or just stick it in inventory for next Mardi Gras.

Or maybe I'll go build a house and get my head away from building with small prims by moving big windows and walls around.

Or I could just go to bed, since no one is online to play with me. Poutyface! :(


Kharisma Llewellyn said...

LOL, admittedly I need to add some more general info to my profile. At the moment it is mostly centered around my RP backstory...for the RP I haven't done in almost a month. And my picture is old as well, taken before my transition from blonde to brunette...

So what can you tell from my profile? I'm a high fashion, agressive werewolf who likes tea....

I think Kharisma has a project for later, don't you? LOL.

Anonymous said...

/me chuckles.... It's some truth in it. I also get a negative feeling when it's a totally blank profile.
First thing I do when I meet ppl without even a picture, is to make them a nice one. I take a closeup to my harddisk, edit it, add on name or a border, upload it and give it to them..."Here you are, you looked so sweet that I couldn't resist snapping your picture. Put it in your profile, do like this:...."
I also ask them to write some in their profile and make a few picks.
But you know.. not all ppl is like you. Not all ppl think a profile is important. They haven't been told to do something out of it. Or they don't care. I prefer those instead of the totally negative profiles: "Don't mess with me or xxx or I will..." "I don't RP with ppl from oooo and aaaa". "Don't contact friends list is full" And my favourite: "Take your drama away from me"
Uh-huh. So you need to point out that you don't want drama....always a sign of the opposite.