Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Randomosity - Part 5 - This & That & Big Butts!

M Linden Finally Speaks!!

The new CEO of Linden Lab finally made a blog post, and you have to go read it AND follow the link to Melanie774 Kidd's Flickr because she caught him just fresh off the boat looking just as noob as they come...and sleeping on the job!

New template, because I've been gravitating more towards pink stuff lately, and I was getting bored with the blue. :-p I'm going to make a header for myself at some point.

I was looking at my friends list and I am seriously thinking that some people have added me to their list just to have me there. There are people on my list that I've only spoken to ONCE, and that was usually right after they'd IMed me telling me they love my blog. Hey, I'm not a SLebrity. Adding me doesn't make you cooler. LOL Well, it probably doesn't HURT... :-P

I've been thinking a lot lately on if I'll return to Liquid Rage when and if it ever reopens. I was talking to Levi about this the other night, and the truth is, I am honestly not sure if I will go back. I'm enjoying what I do now in SL. I'm enjoying doing what I want when I want. My expenses in SL are fairly small, and I do pretty well tip wise on the nights I DJ at the pit. And of course, there's always buying $L. :) Although I haven't yet had to do that, and can't foresee a time anytime soon where I'd have to, since I don't spend all that much anyway. So I just don't know if I'll go back. If they ever reopen. It's been over a month. LOL

Ok, I've been banging away at this post here and there since early this evening. I had some RL things going on here at home, and then Cen logged in, and then I was laughing HARD because of what happened at the pit earlier. This girl that had showed up last week at the party came by and brought a new friend to dance in the bar. Cen, Sehra, and I were hanging out in the courtyard trying to put some rave looks together when they came out. OMG, the guy was just....

You know when you're in high school or college and you go to the mall with your friends and there's that older guy that hangs out and flirts with the young girls and he's not exactly creepy but he's not exactly NOT creepy? That was this guy. Cen and the other girl had run off on one of Cen's whirlwind newbie makeovers, and so Sehra and I were there at the pit being polite to his face and talking about him in our conference. The guy was like, "I stay away from SL men." So after I asked if he was a homophobe, I told him that half the women in SL are men anyway. He asked if I was a man. I said I could be. This cracked us up, and he left a little bit afterwards.

But while we were giggling over it still, I said if I was a man, I'd be 8 feet tall with huuuuuuuge boobs, a huuuuuuuge ass, and a tiiiiiiiiiny waist. So... we made shapes as if we were men pretending to be women. And it is double funny because she and I are around the same size, very petite! Then Cen dared us to come to ETD that way. We don't back down from a dare!

If we were men...

The newbie in the back there looks bewildered. LOL

Anyway, that really was the highlight of my night. Especially since Levi didn't log in and we didn't have breakfast. No pancakes, no hashbrowns, and no french toast!!! Baby, I am STARVING!! I am wasting away!!!! :-p


Sehra Kauffman said...

omg, we look hideous!

lol, i cant even imagine someone seeing us and thinking we were serious.... really.....

and, btw, i am still looking for that school i lost..... damn lol cats.....

CeN said...

I'm glad my new player friend saw you guys before you played with your look or she wouldn't have wanted our help to find a new shape/skin/clothes, she would have run away LOL

I can't believe you guys came to ETD like that LOL I was so scared the Fashion Police would snap a shot without realizing the story behind it LOL.

Between you guys and my full bright glowing hair and slippers (prepping for the rave!) we would have made quite a story.