Tuesday, May 13, 2008

These boots are made for STOMPING!

Balloon please?

Would you buy me a balloon? Please? ;)

Ok, so the balloons aren't what I'm showing in this pic. Check out my awesome boots! I was really surprised and excited when Tox1c Chemistry of Crimson Shadow [SLurl] passed me these fabulous Pink Unisex Studded Strap Boots today. Let me show you a better picture of them, since my picture doesn't do them justice. :)

Crimson Shadow - Pink Strappy Boots

Check out the cool studs on them! Since they're unisex too, my folder came with different size pieces so if you're big or you enjoy the huge boot look, these will totally work for you! And c'mon...they're Crimson Shadow boots. You know good and well they're awesome.

BUT GUESS WHAT? These boots, along with a blue pair and a red pair, are FREE.

Oh yes, you heard me! Starting on May 14th and going till May 21st, you can go pick up all 3 boots for free!! The catch is that you have to go to three different sims and run around to find them. You knew there was a catch. ;) But all three sims are Rezzable sims, and you KNOW those are usually unbelievably awesome to go visit.

Here are the SLurls for the 3 places you'll need to go to pick up all three colors.

Crimson Shadow - Pink Boots [SLurl]

toXic Boutique - Red Boots [SLurl]

Carnival of Doom - Blue Boots [SLurl]

Remember, the free boots offer starts tomorrow, May 14th, and runs for 1 week. I'm definitely going to be running to get the red and blue boots! And ladies, those awesome black & red corset boots are still free at Crimson Shadow, if you haven't picked them up yet. :)

Big thanks to Tox1c for giving me the chance to try on the boots and for sending them in pink!! :)

[Ooh, while at Crimson Shadow I saw that the pink boots are already out there for free! Go get them!]

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Anonymous said...

lol i saw these blogged on the free blogs and i thought they MUST be hidded well... so i'm at crimson shadow camming all around and i went outside and fell off the rocks i don't know how many times and spazzed out and it turns out they were *slightly* more easy to find than i figured. :/

Aisuru Rieko