Monday, May 12, 2008

Posing and Playing

I'm tired but I had all these pics on my desktop, so I figured I might as well bang out a post. lol

Fun fun night tonight. The party train headed to Club Headtrip tonight for a swimwear event that my friend Latte was DJing. I don't go to clubs in SL very much at all, but I thought it would be fun to go see her, and of course if I'm going, everyone has to come with me or I'll cry. LOL Kidding, but I did think it would be fun for lots of people to go. So...lots of people came! :)

@ Headtrip

I ended up tying with another person and won $250L. Go me!

After that, Levi and I headed home to get dressed and then we decided to go hit a few places for some poses because I want to take some proper couples pictures of us and even though I HAVE poses...I needed more. :-p We went to Long Awkward Pose, Risque Animations, and some place Dyami gave me a LM to and I can't remember the name of right now. lol I'd never been to Risque before, which Levi found odd for some reason since they're pretty big. But I'd never heard of them. There are some great animations out there, though. Most of them kind of naughty...


Ok, that's more silly than naughty. We laughed, anyway. But there was also some great poses and animations, including some really fab belly dances with the smoothest belly rolls that I've seen in SL. We had to try loads of poses and Levi bought a few for us. I don't think we bought this one, but it is cute, huh? :)

My sweetheart

After our pose buying, he asked me if I'd like to go play Tringo, which I'd never played before. I'll fully admit it. I stink at most games. Most any board game I've ever played, I end up making up my own rules and making people follow the new rules. LOL Video games are almost always played with cheats. But he offered to teach me to play, so I had to warn him in advance that I'd probably suck at it and lose hard.


And I did lose hard the first couple of times. I didn't score at all the first 2 times when the game ended. LOL But the 3rd time, it started to click in my head a bit. On our last game, I ended with over 300 points!! I was super shocked! It was a fun game, though, so I might venture back on my own at some point when I'm really bored.

But now it's definitely bedtime.

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Shruti Tenk said...

Try poses from Animonics. It's a new place, but has the cutest poses, including a very British Up Yours!! Loving it ! The couple poses are cute too, although not very naughty ! The animator is new and I think any feedback will help him a lot. I'm crushing over the poses !! <3 xx