Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Episode 303: We Went To Find New Hair...And Still Ended Up At ETD.

One thing that Cen and I have in common is that we're both fierce gift and freebie lovers. We shop a lot too, but usually we end up loving our gifts more than anything we buy. So it was kind of rare tonight that we actually went out with the intent of spending some $L on hair. We also kind of wanted to find somewhere new.

We hit up a bunch of places, saw some decent hair, saw some completely crap hair, and at the end of the night, ended up at the discount wall at ETD, where we both finally bought something. So much for our hair adventure.

Oh, but we did find some witch hats with hair.


Ooh, but we did go to The Abyss, since neither of us had been before. What a neat place. We only saw the skins and hair, but we really liked it. Of course, paying $1400L for ONE skin is just simply too much! I could get two La Sylphide skins for $1200L.

Speaking of La Sylphide, if you aren't in the subscribe-o-matic for that store, you missed out tonight. Stephanie sent out a group only skin, which I'm wearing in the above picture. I wish it was in my medium skin tone, but hey, it's free. I'll look pale. LOL The gift was going to be taken out of the machine right after it was sent, so I think if you didn't get it, you're out of luck.

We went back to the pit after our little journey and I was camming around and came across this inside of the club.

Oh nuuuu!

Who could the mystery blogger be?! I'm scared! It's like the Phantom or something!!


I started work on the hammock I'm building, but those 1 prim Linden trees move around too darn much. LOL So I'm going to need 2 more static trees that aren't too primmy. Oh damn, I'm turning into the tree man himself, Mr. Paine. LOL

I just love our little forest, though. I've been taking pictures up there, but they're not for public display. Not that they're dirty. :-p But they're for Levi. After he gets to see them, because they're in our cabin, then I'll let him decide if he wants anyone else to see them.

But, here's the next installment in my "I'm sad, here's my black & white pictures" series!

I'm still sad!


Wrath said...

You had me at TREES!! :-)

Dangit, I wanna see the forest!!!!!! You know I would leave my house just long enough to go check out new trees. ;-)

Terri said...

Have you looked at Detour for hair! Oh my real looking but expensive. :-( Hey, can you throw me an invite to your group? Thank you!

Alicia Chenaux said...

LOL! Sorry, but no one gets into the forest. :) I'll show pics, though. BUT I might need you to pass me some LMs for tree shopping!

Terri - I did go to Detour and I actually liked some of their styles but the inner cheapie in me cannot pay $350L for ONE hair color!! Goodness, they're on crack with those prices!