Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hey there, Delila, what's it like...on the beach?

You all know that I have much love for pretty little dresses. Pretty little sundresses that just scream "summertime!" are what my eye is drawn to lately and you can imagine my thrill when I received a copy of the Delila dress from Surfline Aloha! Check it out, it's just soooo cute!! I had to RUN over to Surfline and take some pictures. Of course, it's gorgeous out there anyway, but I had a load of fun playing with the Windlight settings to make it just look completely bright and beautiful.

Delila Dress - 2

Delila Dress - 1

Can't you just see yourself throwing this breezy little dress on over your bikini after a day of sunning yourself out by the waves so you can run up to a tiki bar and grab something fruity to drink out of a coconut? Just me? Oh have some imagination! :)

But ladies, guess WHAT? This dress, which is normally $275L, is going to be FREE from May 24th-30th!! F-R-E-E. :)

So be sure to run over to the store on Saturday to pick it up!

Surfline Aloha SLurl


Sehra said...

now i want to go to the beach in a little swim suit, big sunglasses, flip flops, and a light cottony dress. i can hear the ocean now......

too bad i live in missouri. maybe i can sneak off to cali like i did for two weeks last summer.

Kharisma Llewellyn said...

Gorgeous dress! And I feel ya, Sehra. Colorado has a disappointing lack of seaside as well.