Friday, May 16, 2008

Random Topics

I got an invite today to a fashion show that's going to be happening this coming week. It looks pretty cool. Sn@tch, Philotic Energy, Nomine, some others. Unfortunately it's on Wednesday. It's at 7, and the HDP [Hump Day Party] isn't until 8, but part of the fun of the HDPs is getting ready beforehand. I'll see the pics later. LOL

I've been thinking about the direction my blog has been taking lately. It seems to be gravitating more towards fashion, as people drop review copies on me and stuff. And that's totally cool. I really don't mind reviewing things at all. But I'm not really a fashion blog, I'm just someone who shops a whole bunch. :) So go ahead and send me review copies or tell me where gifts are going to be. I love it and I'm flattered that people even want me to blog their items. However, I'm going to give it an honest review. And if I really don't like it, I'm not going to blog it. Simple! :)

BUT like I said, this isn't a fashion blog. It's a me blog! Well, me and everyone around me. LOL I was thinking about Dyami's post tonight about the crazy woman he met and it got me thinking about this guy I know. We've known each other..mmm, just over two months, I suppose. He's on his third partnership! What really makes me amused over this current partnership is just the day before, he acting kind of like an ass in my IM and told me to "enjoy married life" [although I'm not partnered] and rudely told me goodbye. I didn't think much about it at the time because that seems to be how all our bi-weekly conversations go so it made me laugh, I showed Cen, and we went on with our evening. The next day, he's partnered. LOL That's 137 kinds of stupid.

I'm all for having your SL the way you want it. However, I cannot understand the mindset of people who come into SL and want a boyfriend or girlfriend RIGHT away. Cen and I have seen it a lot in our newbie helping. So many times we help someone, we start to tell them all kinds of cool things they can do in SL, and their question turns to "Where can I meet a man/chick?" It's SO disappointing we usually stop helping at that point. LOL

And what's REALLY annoying is that these people are the ones who change partners like they change underpants. Heck, with some of them, it's probably more often than they change underpants. Why? Because they don't make friends with people. They make booty calls. They never get to know someone so they are completely surprised when it doesn't work out because it was all on the surface.

OMG, speaking of losers, guess what just moved in next door to the pit?

Disgusting Club

Ugh! The owner belongs to groups such as "Classy White Girls 4 Black Men" and "White Sluts 4 Black Men." Well, which it is, honey? LOL Or is she just covering all her bases? Oh, and don't forget "Sex Theme Park First Fuck Free - VIP."

The only thing I'm going to hope is that the tier is too much for her, and she realizes clubs can be total money pits. Especially huge ugly, disgusting builds that are done so sloppily and look so terrible, no one wants to go in for long.

On this note, I'm going to bed.


CeN said...

Oh great. I take one night off and someone drops a hoochie palace in our front yard!

I don't understand. There are other empty lots, why do they always pick the one besides us?

Well I guess the privacy walls are going back up and we'll just wait them out like we did the last ones.

Creag Emmons said...

Lovely neigbors you have there. At least the evil Drow living down the way from me has a place that looks nice from the outside. 'Course, I chose to go with a themed sim partly because the sim owner enforces some standards. Wide open places are always a risk. Just look at Houston...

Yeah, lots of folks jump into committment way too fast, or jump into and out of it like a salmon climing a waterfall. Makes you wonder whey they even bother spending the Lindens to "partner," when it's a "partner-of-the-day" situation.