Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Episode 304: I'm One Big Commerical

For those of you who have been asking me where I got my absolutely fabulous blue kimono and geisha hair, and I've been teasing you by saying that you can't get it because it's not for sale, I can't tease you anymore! Jet Bates has opened up her shop at Flawless, which is where Shapes By Kira is. [SLurl]

You can't use the SLurl to go directly to Jet's store because the landing point is set [which I completely HATE], so you have a couple of options.

1. At the landing point, look to your left and you'll see 3 rockets. Climb on one and choose the South Island. You'll ship over and then where it drops you, look for The Hair Shack. It's NOT the store with the enormous pink haired head sticking out. LOL

2. At the landing point, turn around and walk to the right, past the campers, and down the ramp. Then take a left and you'll see The Hair Shack.

She doesn't have a LOT up yet, because she was just working on it last night, but the blue kimono and Mystic hair that I wear is up, as well as a hair called Princess and the kimono Jet was wearing the night she came to our apartment. If I'm not mistaken, the hair comes with the kimono, but don't quote me on that. It's only in the black shade, but who ever saw a blonde geisha? :-p

I won't lie, the island of Flawless is extremely laggy due to the high amount of campers. But if you can stand the lag, explore it because I found a bunch of little stores that I would probably never have found otherwise. :)

Annnnnnd don't forget! Get Humped tonight at The Viper Pit!!! I had this dream earlier that I woke up late and when I came to start DJing, I had forgotten to rent the stream. I think I'll go rent it RIGHT NOW so I don't have to worry. LOL

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