Monday, May 19, 2008

Long lovely evening

Levi and I had the chance to spend hours together tonight, which we haven't really been able to do lately. It's always so nice when we can just be us. Not that we don't love spending time with others because we totally do, but there are some nights where it's just wonderful to be together, exploring sims, and voice chatting.

Well, first we hit up a party at Headtrip but that required shopping first since most guys don't have white outfits. The wool suit at Blaze is just soooo attractive on men!! And it was money well spent, since Levi ended up winning the contest at Headtrip. :)

After that, we decided to go exploring a bit and of course I wanted to take pictures of us. But we couldn't find any great sims where we could drop poseballs! I fully understand not wanting people to litter, but turn on autoreturn! [Well, unless it's like at the pit where we have things that are set to the "non" Viper Squad group still.]

Anyway, Levi found us this great sim that was beautiful and romantic without being overly mushy. We used the poses and cuddles they had there and took pictures. I think it's called Joy Isle, and I highly recommend it. I took about a 100 pictures, but when all was said and done, only 7 came through the editing process. lol Yeah, I'm that picky about pictures and about my editing skills. After seeing the pictures on, I know I need to look up all kinds of new techniques. :-p But, here are a few I'll share, and you all can see the rest on my Flickr page.

Garden Seat

Kiss me...or throw me in the lake.


Levi took some pictures of us too, which you can see on his Snapzilla page. :)

And why is it that my Braceface picture has over 100 views on Flickr? Is there a braces fetish group I don't know about?

I'm headed to bed now.

EDIT: OK. You all got me. I went to try on a demo of those G Field sandals. After staring at them for a while, and then increasing my foot size... I bought the black pair. I like them. I don't LOVE them yet. Give me time. :-p I did fall in love with some earrings, though.

Now I'm REALLY headed to bed.

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