Thursday, May 29, 2008

New challenge outfit, True Life, and Hester update.

So I'm still doing Cen's challenge to me about finding outfits in my inventory and not going to get anything new for the rest of the month. So I threw this together today.

Challenge outfit

The skirt is called Pedicel and it was a freebie from Sugarcube at some point. Not sure if it still is or if it's even for sale. The shirt was a freebie from Gbberish, and the shoes are Deville by Melanie Zhao and those were a gift from a hunt she'd held at her store a couple of months ago. The hair wasn't free, but it's one of the ones I picked up at ETD during the big sale and I don't wear it very much because the bangs make my nose itch. :-p

I snapped the pic out at Sinatra while I was playing on all the Animazoo dances. Great dances! Not overly dramatic or hoochie or anything. I want a bunch of them!

Tonight I watched True Life: I Live Another Life On The Web. It's one of those MTV specials, of course. But on it was Takamura Keiko, who does live music here in SL. The person behind Keiko is a very cute girl who is, like so many of us are, extremely shy. Her portion of the show was about how although she has no problems performing in SL, she couldn't perform in RL. But, finally she did. And it's a good thing, because she's really awesome. I don't really get out to live shows in SL, but I might have to check out one of hers one day. The show was pretty good, so if you catch it on MTV, give it a look. The other two girls they followed were a girl who has social anxiety, but does a porn website [well, kind of porn], and the other girl was kind of shy and ashamed of her body, but she would cyber with a lot of men online and show them bits and pieces of her body, the parts she likes.

OH oh oh oh OHHHHHHHHHH.... I have an update for you guys.

So a bunch of you commented on my blog post about Hester. Yes, the name I made up, but the entire story was real and it's alarming how I didn't have to embellish ANYTHING about it. In fact, I think I even cut some things out that would make her look worse. Well, remember how I said she found herself a man with money and was boasting about it?

Um, yeah. Looks like the relationship is over.

I have a profile fetish. I check the profiles of people on my friends list at least once a day. Sometimes more if I'm procrastinating on doing anything. LOL But I checked hers and there was nothing written and her profile picture went back to the one I'd made for her a couple of months ago, not the one with her and her boyfriend last week. Her pick about him was also gone. So I popped over to his profile, and he'd had things written about her, but they were gone too. We all figured the relationship would end soon...but not THIS soon.

My throat is sore and I'm bleh, so I'm taking my sick self to bed.


Dyami Jameson said...

I won the pool! I won the pool!

CeN said...

Oh man... this explains the offlines.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Hey bro, we didn't even have time to put together a pool, so you didn't win anything!! :-p

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

Hope you manage to get lots of rest and are feeling better soon, Ali!