Friday, May 16, 2008

Wonder Woman vs Braceface

I have a bit of a fever tonight. It kinda sucks. But I don't feel sick, so I'm not really worried. :-p

So if you read Cen's blog, you know she's been on a Wonder Woman kick the past day or so. You can read the story of the costume and the pose that she had made for it on her blog.

But, the cool thing was that I got to mud wrestle Wonder Woman later. I'm still not really sure who won. LOL




I've decided that really, I have a LOT of clothes. I have clothes that are in boxes that I haven't even opened yet. But I don't have enough cute impractical accessories. I'm going to change that. :)

A few days ago while Levi and I were out pose shopping, I saw an av that had colored braces on her teeth. I couldn't stop thinking about them! I know, who needs braces in SL? LOL I finally went ahead and just bought some so I'd stop thinking about them.

Brace face

Aren't they adorable?! There's a little smile attachment in them so every so often I'll smile for a bit. It's not like the smile attachments that have you blinking a smile off and on every 5 seconds. You can't find these braces in-world, only on SLExchange. They're $200L and made by Lolalikes Barbarino. I'm thinking I might get the pink ones too.

It's Friday and it's my and Levi's 1 month!! :) We already said happy anniversary to each other, but I wanted to say it again in here. Happy anniversary, baby!! :) One month and I still haven't gotten on his nerves. That's saying something. :)


CeN said...

The only reason you pinned me twice is because I got distracted by Dyami saying he may update his blog soon :O

Alicia Chenaux said...

LOL! I had some other pics of us wrestling, but I was laughing so hard, they came out looking crazy.

He's gonna update? :-O

/me goes to refresh his blog 50 times.

Dyami Jameson said...

Sure, blame it on me....

Yeah, update coming soon I hope

Alicia Chenaux said...

Well who else is she gonna blame? It's not like I'm stronger than her probably.

And um, you haven't updated yet.