Thursday, May 22, 2008

Party Over Here, Party Over There, Wave Your Hands In The Air, and Go To Savoir Hair!

What a night!

The evening started for me with a party at Orcas, where we live, and it was fun! I came as an angel, because it was a Heaven & Hell party.

Orcas Party

You can see Tymmerie and Jerremy over to the side as an angel & a devil. I'm the one in the bright white wings dancing near Casius, who was a huge demon. I would have liked to have stayed longer, but Pit parties require setting up, so I was only there about 45 minutes.

Tonight's Hump Day Party was fantastic!! Loads of people showed up, a bunch that I didn't even know, and it was just sooooo fun!!! One of the girls who had never been there before IMed me later and said it was the best night she'd had in SL so far.

But because I was DJing, and that causes me to lag pretty hard, I wasn't able to get very many pictures until after the party was over and I'd relogged. Luckily Levi took my place as photographer and you can view a whole bunch of party pictures on his Snapzilla.

I did get some pictures at the end, though, so I'll show. :)

Levi and me as Superman and Supergirl!

Supergirl & Superman

Wonder Woman [Cen] and me mud wrestling!

Superhero fight!

Cen and me about to jump on Dyami to take him down.


Can you believe after we got on him, he threw us off???

He threw us!

I think this may have been one of our best pit parties to date, and big thanks to those of you who came out and had some fun. Your costumes were amazing and I'm hoping you all will really like the next party idea! Of course, the party theme is dependent on me actually doing what I want to do, so I'm not letting the cat out of the bag quite yet. :)

So after the party, and after my superhero and I had superfun in our superforest and he managed to get me calmed down [I was a little over excited during the party just because it was so fun], he logged off and I headed over to the opening of Savoir Hair. [SLurl] 35 hair designers under one roof and everything free or a dollarbie. You won't like EVERYTHING. And you might even have some of the hair already because it was given as a group gift or is already a freebie/dollarbie in the store. But it's a GREAT way to see some designers that you may never have heard of, and get what are basically wearable demos, which you can also use for different costumes and events. Plus if you're a newbie, this is THE place to get some hair because you get to try all kinds of styles and designers and colors. I spent $13L and came out loaded with different hairs.

Anyway, I'm off to bed...after I stop and get a free David Cook guitar I saw advertised. :)

David Cook singing moments after being announced this year's American Idol - Wednesday May 21th.


Dyami Jameson said...

LMAO.....yeah, this was a good one! Had to ditch my costume at the very last minute though. Wasn't impressed with it.

I did hear that the mystery blogger was there. I guess I just missed him too....

And after waiting in line for a week, I finally got to wrestle Wonder Woman. But I ended up getting double teamed. Super Girl had to come in to help! I'm not complaining though.....

Kharisma Llewellyn said...

Looks like you had a great evening, LOL! I'm sad I missed it now. But alas, margaritas and RL friends beckoned. Perhaps next week.

Sehra said...

lol, the title of this post keeps cracking me up!