Thursday, May 29, 2008

I can't stop raving!

Oh my gosh, did we ever have fun at the Rave tonight at The Viper Pit! 2 hours of thumpy bumpy music, neon colors, sparkles, fog, and laughing with some of the best party people around. It was sooooooo fun!!!!

No one seemed to have a problem making it to the super secret rave location, and I got the biggest smile everytime someone came in and exclaimed "WOW, LOOK AT THIS PLACE!" I had really tried hard to decorate the place as low lag as possible but as fun and bright as I could. Since I was able to take a few pics while DJing and running SL and a couple of other programs, I think I did pretty ok with it.

I didn't get to take a LOT of pics because I was busy busy, but luckily there were many photographers in the crowd. :) You can see a few pics on Aisuru's Snapzilla, and Kellee said she filled up her hard drive with pics, so we'll get to see those when she sorts through. Tymmerie's fiance Jerremy took a bunch of pics and gave them to me, so let's look at his first because they're better than mine. LOL

First, of course, the lovely Tymmerie!
Rave by JD - Tymmerie

Kellee, looking soooo cute, and Levi and me in the background.
Rave by JD - Kellee

Cen with her awesome bright hair and glowing hippo slippers!
Rave by JD - Cen

And me, all pink and glowy and smiley!
Rave by JD - Me

I had my world set to midnight the whole time, because that's how I thought it looked best, but looking back now, I should have not done that the whole time when I was taking pics. LOL So ... deal! :)

Jerremy after he literally danced his pants [and shirt!] off. I had to edit this so you could actually see him, but I think I went a little overboard. I blame the acid.
Rave - Jerremy [adjusted light]

Bigger shot of the area.

Rave - Crowd

Rave - 3 ravers

Levi and me. :)
Rave - Levi and me

Rave - burst!

Dyami being a gogo dancer. LOL We convinced all the men to dance shirtless. Woot!
Rave - Dyami

Crazy crazy crazy fun. :) Next week the theme is formals, but it's not one of those romantic type formal dances. It's just come dressed up and rock out with us. :)

After the rave, Levi and I ran off because we haven't seen each other since super super early Sunday morning. There's nothing like going to one of these loud crazy parties and then going home for cuddles. :) Of course, we went out for a bit too to get some hair [for him, not me] and then ended up playing on a stripper booth. Hehe. But then back home...and then he fell asleep on me. Well, under me, since I can't seem to NOT sit on him ever. But even that was amazingly cute and I probably would have fallen asleep myself if my chair wasn't so goshdarn uncomfortable! I really need a new one. Well, I have one that's about 2 months old, but it kind of sucked, so I moved to a dining room chair with a big cushion and it sucks too. I need to go look at chairs so I can fall asleep on him one day. :-p

I'm headed to bed now to do crosswords and watch MTV's Fat Camp until I fall asleep. Hey baby, if you go out for milkshakes again, or they send you out for staples or paper towels, feel free to wake me up. :)


Meara Deschanel said...

I always love reading your blog Alicia - you look like you just have so much fun. One of these days I need to stop living vicariously through you and come to one of your parties myself. :)

Tymmerie Thorne said...

Jerremy really is a great photographer - he has real life skilllzzzzz that come into play.

I loved how everyone got so into dressing for this one. The place looked great and the music was great! Alicia - BRAVO!! Great party!

Dyami Jameson said...

The place looked great Alicia! These hump day parties keep getting better and better! wonders what I'm gonna do with all of the tip $ I made....lmao

Wrath said...

Did all that raving make this blog turn pink, or what??

Jerremy Darwin said...

Opps, we were suppose to dress for this one? I better read my invitation closer next time ;-) I am glad you found some pictures useful. I actually shot a whole other roll in the midnight setting and then decided a little lighter would be in order for photos. But being there... one had to go midnight for the full experience. Great party. I look forward to the next one. I'll even try to bring some clothes....well at least I'll wear a bowtie with my thong as it will be formal....

Teej Bailey said...

NOW-that looks like a fun evening, curse this is always too late for we avi's who live across the pond.

Kharisma Llewellyn said...

What a party, Alicia! I can see now why people love your and CeNedra's parties so much. I'll definitely be back next week if work lets me!

Alicia Chenaux said...

Meara - Yes! You must come to a party sometime! Even when we just do a low key party, they're still loads of fun just with the conversations that pop up.

Tymm - I'm so glad you guys were able to make it! And thank you for allowing Jerremy to take his shirt off. I know you just wanted him to cool down. LOL

Dyami - OMG, did you make money off of that?! Male stripper night, anyone?

Wrath - LMAO! I got bored with the blue, what can I say?

Jerremy - Men never have to dress for the parties. In fact, we encourage topless men at all times. Bottomless men in thongs are even better!

Teej - Oh I wish we could find a time when EVERYONE could come to the party. It would be so great!

Kharisma - It was great to finally meet you! I hope you're able to come back out again!

Anonymous said...

was such fun! your pictures are way better than mine. :) I'm trying to figure out what dress to wear to the formals event now.

Aisuru Rieko