Thursday, May 1, 2008

"It's our big secret - we're not cool"

Hump Day @ The Viper Pit

First Hump Day Party at the Viper Pit! Oh my gosh, it was so much fun!! I had a blast and the time went by QUICK. Before I knew it, it was 15 minutes before the end and it barely seemed like any time had passed at all! A great group came out to have some fun, and we talked about everything from where the latest shoe sale is to why Cen didn't think that she needed to wear panties when she first started SL to the episode of Saved By The Bell where Jessie was addicted to caffeine pills and was so excited! so excited! so...scared!! I had SO much fun, I pretty much forgot to take a bunch of pics, but these two cracked me up when I saw them on my desktop.

Kellee went away. Big mistake.

Dancing around.. LOL

Kellee went away from the computer for a bit. It's just common knowledge you can't go away around any of us without us doing something crazy to you. LOL That little sign was given to me by Tristan, who needs to freakin' come back to SL!! The second pic made me laugh because Dyami got right on in the sign with Kellee. Ok, so he probably didn't MEAN to, but it still made me laugh. And who the heck was that topless guy? I totally don't remember him!

Anyway, it really was a lot of fun and I can't wait for next Wednesday! :)

After the party, Levi and I hopped over to Pillow Talk because I want for us to be able to make our apartment more "ours" and less just mine. We tried a lot of pillows, and I was almost replaced when these crazy people were like, practically on top of us for a while until Levi laid down with one of the guys. LOL! Sooo funny. We also hung out on an apple basket for ages while we talked. I swear, I could talk to him for hours and hours.

But, I didn't want to keep him up super late again [and he was yawning a lot] so we said goodnight and I went to Periquita @ Lame Designs to hit up that shoe sale. I love when people IM me to say hi and that they like my blog. I especially like it when just moments before, I was thinking "Wow, that girl has way more style than I do." LOL Hi Tab!

Once I bought some shoes [only one pair! What is WRONG with me?], I went back to the pit and started working on something. But I got distracted by the shooting range. I beat Hyde's score on Hard level!! I rock!

I really am going to bed now. :)


Dyami Jameson said...

How do I get myself in these situations! Well at least I was in there with Kellee and not in there with the other guy!

CeNedra said...

Is it just me or in that last picture does it look like we're all about to do the "Time Warp" dance?

Thanks to everyone who came to the party and made it so much fun. I can't wait for next Wednesday.

Andria Meredith said...

Oh my god, Cen, you're totally right.

Let's dooo the Time Warp agaaaain!

And Alicia now has a special place as one of the few DJs who can cope with my randomness. ^-^