Monday, May 12, 2008

My "WTF?" Moment of the Day

Call me stupid....but isn't it just a LITTLE crazy that the top classified ad this week cost $400,000L to put up? $400,000L which is approximately $1400 USD? And that the top classifieds are the same week after week and all cost over $1000 USD to have up?

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but at this point, wouldn't their stores be just as successful if they had $100L classifieds? I didn't go to Abranimations for my first AO because of their overpriced classified. I went there because someone told me they were one of the best.

Really, I hardly look at the classifieds at all. My shopping comes from word of mouth, someone taking me there, group notices, or reading about places & things in blogs.

So I dunno, just seems like a big ol' waste of money to me.


Anonymous said...

I don't look at classifieds, I look at blogs. ;)

I wanted to let you know i'm linking this blog on mine (which I SWEAR I am going to start updating, I have a plan and everything).

aisuru rieko

Anonymous said...


All I can think I wish I had a business that made that much money that I could blow $1400 a week on a classified!!

But...I do have to say...there are plenty of people who are clueless about the SL blog world and who depend highly on Search to find what they need. I am unsure of the tracking with Classifieds (are they trackable? is there a report on how many clicks you get?) If they are trackable perhaps it's shown to bring in a lot of business or at least otherwise worth it to them, who knows!

Alicia Chenaux said...

Ooh, I'll add your site to my links, too, Aisuru. :)

And omg, I know, Kellee! To pull in enough money to have over $4000 a month to just spend on advertising pixel clothes is just...I don't know. It just seems almost wasteful to me. LOL But I don't know. I guess with the search there's something good about having a high priced ad to get your logo right there on the front, but once you type in a word, it just seems like anyone with an ad or that is listed in search would pop up. I'll stick with my little $50L ad, thank you. LOL