Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale...

I just realized I'm 6 posts [5 now] away from beating my record number of blog posts for a month. I logged an enormous amount of posts in February. 82. That's crazy. LOL What can I say? The weather was bad here. Not sure why so many this month, other than the fact that I enjoy writing so much. Maybe I'll beat the record this month. Well, 5 more posts. I will probably reach that by tomorrow. :-p

So I was standing around trying to put together my first challenge outfit. I was actually surprised how hard it was to do. Normally when I'm getting dressed and I don't have a game plan, I just reach immediately for a pair of jeans from Celestial Studios [my fave jeans!] or my black mini from WRONG and I build from there.

Today I started at the bottom of my inventory and just started trying things on. And surprisingly, I started deleting a LOT of things. Shirts that had bad seams. Skirts that weren't built very well. Freebies that I somehow had gotten duplicates of. But I still didn't have an outfit! Then I slipped on some cute jeans from Yak & Yeti that I didn't even know I had. From there I put on a freebie top I'd picked up in the <3Cupcakes clearance section, and some freebie sandals that I'd gotten at Peppermint Blue. I was so happy with my new little outfit, I hopped off to take a summer picture at Vignette, which might be replacing Pillow Talk as my favorite place to take pictures now because I can drop a posestand to move myself around for the perfect shot. Oh, and because it's gorgeous.

Challenge outfit

Yay, summer outfit! Aren't the jeans just too cute? I don't usually like pants in SL that don't have prim cuffs, but I'll make an exception for these because they're too adorable. And to think I probably wouldn't have known about them for a long time if Cen hadn't thrown down the challenge. :)

While I was taking my pic, I noticed the canoe. And since I cannot stop myself from trying to sit and ride on things, I got in.

Bad boat!

I never would have made it through a 3 hour tour.

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Sehra Kauffman said...

makes me think that i should go through my inventory.....

aaaaaaaaaah! stupid messy inventory!