Friday, May 9, 2008

No, no title tonight. My brain said no.

I am tired and ready for bed, but of course I can't sleep without posting. :-p I'm kidding, I probably could. But I wanted to share this all with you.

When Cen asked me how she could save a picture from her inventory to her computer, I was about to say the only way she could was to screencap it. But then I remembered back when I was getting some Eloh templates from in-world, and there was the option to open the texture, go to File, and then Save Texture As. So I gave it a shot tonight and sure enough. Now my in world photos [which there aren't that many of really] can be in my SL folder on my desktop. Nice. :)

So I looked and I picked the VERY first picture I ever took of myself in world. This was me probably the very very end of December or very early January. If I was in world, I'd look at see but I don't want to log back in.

My very first picture

I've changed a bit, huh? I was also really tall back then. I think I got petite soon after this picture was taken.

Good night at the pit tonight. Lots of us just hanging out in the club, talking about blogs, fruit, Sehra's ability to pretend something doesn't exist when she's confused by it, sports, and all kinds of other things. Of course at the end it was just the girls, since Dyami ran quick after the last guy left. LOL I'm kidding, it was late and he went to bed. But I know it can't be easy being the only guy there.

I miss my baby tons, though. I have been able to talk to him a little bit since he's been gone, which helps SO much but I want him home and with me!! I'm just waiting until I see the little blue box pop up with his name. Then I'll feel right again.

5th in the series tonight. It doesn't get sadder than this!!

5th - Sad B&W Series


Casandra Shilova said...

Thank you so much for that tip Alicia.

I sympathize. My bf has been gone several times.

Dyami Jameson said...

It wasn't that I was uncomfortable being the only guy, but had to run before you guys insisted that I get up on the table in the pineapple suit again!

CeN said...

And I thought I had too much wine last night.