Saturday, May 10, 2008

Toe Up!

I'm sitting here waiting for my toenails to dry, and realizing I need a proper pedicure, when I thought, "Hey, why don't I have a decent pedicure in SL?" I like the manicure I have, courtesy of Sin Skins from one of The L Word orientation packs, but I pretty much hate every pedicure I've tried on in SL. What's the word, ladies? Where does a girl go to get her toenails did?

There's a wedding I'm supposed to go to tonight, but I haven't heard anything about where's it's going to be held. How will I know what to wear for minimum lag and maximum cuteness?! Hm, and what does one wear to an evening wedding in SL? Not a formal, because it's not the prom and the bride's dress should be the biggest flexiest formal there. But nothing too trampy, because it's a wedding and I'm not a tramp. LOL Guess I better start trying on some dresses before I need to leave for the day...which gives me about 15 minutes. LOL

Have a great Saturday everyone!


Anonymous said...

Pedicures are hard cuz the toes on each skin are different, making the pedi fit differently depending on the skin. Therefore the best place to get pedicures is from is the person that made the skin!

I've been working on making some pedicures (and manicures too) from Eloh's base. She has some pretty good toes and various people are starting to use her toes on their skins, but not everyone. I'll check if your skin works with the ones I'm making!

Tymmerie Thorne said...

I like my pedi's from The Body Politik.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Kellee- Woot! If I had any artistic talent I'd try making my own pedis, but they'd probably end up looking like Skittles on on a stick or something. LOL And as far as I know, La Sylphide doesn't offer manicures or pedicures. Hmm...maybe I should suggest it!

Tymmerie - I'll have to give them a look! I have a pedicure from Awesome Designs, but it looks like my cat painted my toenails. LOL