Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hump Day Party & The Beginnings of the Superhero Pornstars

I was pretty cranky today. Caffeine detox and just other things. Levi, bless his heart, put up with me really well and made me giggle and smile when I would have been pouty and bitchy. And then of course it's IMPOSSIBLE to be in a bad mood with our Hump Day parties!!

3rd Hump Day

The theme tonight was kind of a half & half deal. Either wear denim, or look trashy. Some of us combined it. LOL But it was just so much fun and lots of people showed at various times.


Tymmerie & Jerremy [the best dressed there!]

Tymmerie & Jerremy

Kellee, who stopped to feed her baby a mai tai.


Dyami, who was the last man standing at the end. But surrounded by 6 or 7 girls didn't seem to phase him.


And Cen, of course, since she's always the hostess. :) Yes, she's looking pregnant. :-p


I think she went out back and sold her baby later for...what was it? $32.58, two cigarettes and a bottle of SoCo? LOL

But the funniest thing tonight happened quite near the end. We were talking about where our homes were set, and Andria [who has a blog, but hasn't updated in MONTHS] said her "hoebase" was at a bookstore.

Well, I don't know if it was all the prim drinks and we were prim drunk, but a hoebase struck us as hysterically funny.

QueenKellee: OMG now i can't stop picturing a group of slutty female batman-like super heros
Sehra: lol
Andria: xD
You: oh god.
Andria: Sorry, laughing my arse off. ^^;
CeNedra: lol
QueenKellee: like porn stars that were all hit by lightning and gained super powers.....

Well, that did it. Pretty soon we were all laughing and changing into slutty clothes and getting our superhero names. So the team of Kinky Asstronut, Sindy Deep, Tawny Fuzzynuts, Missy Quickie, and Jenna Cream was born.

The Superhero Pornstars

Unfortunately, Tawny wasn't around to take a picture with us because after one too many drinks, she had to be rushed to the dentist to fix her teeth.


Great night. :) But now I'm really exhausted, so I think I'm gonna be heading to bed.


Tymmerie Thorne said...

OMG - I so did not pay attention and realize there was a theme! I am so embarrassed!

CeN said...

Don't worry Tymm - it was a very last minute theme.

Thanks to everyone who came and partied with us. Once again a fun fun time.

My sliders got a work out last night between my baby bump and then later the superho boobs.

LOL I'm still laughing.
"Missy Quickie"

Bettye Dugan said...

I'd love to come to these parties but I host on Wed nights! Ack! Maybe I can come to the next non-Wed night. :)

Andria Meredith said...

Heehee, I was so wired after the party I couldn't sleep, so I went and took some super-ho pictures. Maybe I'll share them in-world later.


I always have so much fun at the Hump Day parties. Can't wait for next week. =]

Sindy Deep, over and out. ^^

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I missed picture time!!!!

Oh how much I laughed and laughed. And as I was going to bed I was still giggling, trying to explain it to the boyfriend...he gave me wierd looks.

I started writing down story ideas! zOMG!

See you ladies back at the hoecave,
Tawny Fuzzynuts

Andria Meredith said...

Kellee, make sure we don't forget to get a picture with the WHOLE ho-league next week. =]

I found a purple mask in the depths of my inventory left over from Mardi Gras. A bit of modifying and it's perfect! Now I just need a cape.

*wanders off listening to the Beatles* Say you want a revolution....