Sunday, May 25, 2008

Loads of pics!

This post is very pics heavy. I'm not apologizing, I'm just telling you. :)

So last night I did a photo for someone and her new boyfriend. She had asked me a couple of days before if I could and I put it off because last time she asked me that [less than 2 weeks ago], the guy picked up and left SL soon after they partnered. So I thought I'd wait and see before spending time on it. LOL But I had some time last night and I figured I'd just slap together something for them.

*image deleted*

I probably would have gotten fancier with it, but fixing them so that they didn't look bad took longer than I first thought. His body was jagged, her skirt was sticking in points out of her hip, it was a mess.

So after all that, Levi logged in and we spent the rest of the night [and early morning!] together. :) I know, I know. I could go on and on about him and be totally mushy. :) But the truth is, we have just the best chemistry and we have so much fun doing small things. It's not uncommon for us to sit somewhere while we're exploring and then an hour passes before we know it because we've just been talking and talking. We spent almost 5 hours last night voice chatting and I don't spend 5 hours talking to ANYONE. LOL

We started off by going to a jazz club. They were playing Latin music, which was completely awesome. Even more awesome, it was a dressy place, so I finally got to wear that gorgeous Marinoco group gift dress.

Salsa dancing

After that, we headed out to the absolutely gorgeous sim of Vignette. [SLurl] Vignette is gorgeous and inspired by buildings and furniture from the 1920's to the 1960's. They also play very very old music, which is pretty neat. But the best part is that it's a quiet beautiful place to just hang out with someone. There are lots of poseballs and Pillow Talk pillows all over the place. Of course, I LOVE poseballs, so we had to test out a whole bunch. :)

Kiss kiss

Yeah, I went a little too far with the editing. LOL
Another kiss

This one was a little too vampire for us.
Maybe vamp?

Everyone loves a roll in the hay, right?
Roll in the hay

After laughing and talking about farming [he's got his own tractor and bottom land, I'd bring 2 chickens, 6 sheep, and my county fair award winning apple pie to the farm], we went out to another gorgeous sim, Le Parc. [SLurl] Le Parc is French rustic farm inspired. There's pigs and cows and a really awesome old farmhouse and a windmill and it's just beautiful!! There are also a few poses out there to play with. :)

I'm a cowgirl!

That's right, honey. Make me a sword!
My blacksmith

We took a kiss break. Breaks are quite important.
Tree kiss

Cute. :)
Cute :)

I know you farmed all day, dear, but I need this floor cleaned.
Mr. Clean

Relaxing with my farmer and with a kitty. I LOVE this kitty!!

I want this kitty, but he's 28 prims. Fat little kitty. LOL

And of course, a final roll in the hay. :)
Another roll in the hay

Although really we didn't do much, I still had a blast. There's that point in a new relationship where you start having your own private jokes, your own little words and sayings, and that just makes it so much sweeter. :)

Now, I'm going to log in and see if we can't make some pancakes. LOL

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Kharisma Llewellyn said...

Wow, gorgeous pictures! I still need to learn how to pretty mine up some. :P

You two are a great-looking couple though.

-snuggles the fat kitty-