Saturday, May 10, 2008

Oh all the freebie goodness!

Holy cow, you guys. Did I come home to a big booty shakin' load of goodness! I was driving home and checking email on my phone before I got to the freeway [don't try this at home, kids] and I see Cen's sent me an offline that started with "OMG." So you know that's gotta be good! LOL

The She's So Unusual shoes update group was given the gift of a sky writing pen today!! Oh, it's so neat! You just wear it, go into mouselook, and go crazy! I even caged myself in!

Sky Writing - Whee

Sky Writing - Caged

And THEN... the [Random] fashions update group was given boxes and boxes of stuff! Skins, hair, clothes, OMG. It's all the stuff from the 3 years Garbage has been in game! I mean, seriously, my inventory is about to have a throwdown with me with the amount of stuff I just shoved into it - and I haven't unpacked everything yet! I don't know if you can still go to the subscribe-o-matic and get the gift, but if you can, do it because this is just too good to miss.

And if you're not in the TULI update group, you are totally outta luck because she gave out a gift of some fantasy elf skins today which are a prototype for her upcoming S6 line.

Tuli's Elf Skins

I love Tuli purely based on the fact that she's always striving to better her skins, which quite honestly have always looked wonderful to me. I don't have elf ears, but I had to play in these skins. I love the lip, it's so creamy looking. There were 4 different colors given, I'm wearing the Rose color. [And one of the hairs from Random.] But like I said, if you're not already in her group, you're out of luck because she's closed enrollment while the gift is in the archives. This group is one that I have never left from the time I joined back in January, and you get updates on Aden Breyer's hair too if you're in it, so it's a two for one deal. LOL

Ooh, speaking of Aden, did you know she's making skins now? They're so pretty. I might need one.

Now I have to finish getting ready since two of my favorite kitties, Rage & Pain, are tying the knot in less than an hour and Pain's already told us not to be late...and not to poop in his front yard. Talk about taking all the fun out of a wedding.

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