Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"this has been one random night"

I don't know what it is, but there are some nights when Cen and I hang out that are just so totally random. I think it all started with this.


We also helped the newbie that we've been making over lately, looked at the nipples of the Fleur skins while in my wearable changing stall [that'll be for sale at my store this week], changed clothes about 50 times, hopped around, and ended the evening talking to a guy we'd met on the first night she and I had ever hung out together. I mean, NOTHING was connected to anything. It was ... random!

By the way, the $3L gown from The Crystal Queendom totally doesn't work if you're dancing on a pole. Or walking.


And yes, that is Cen being a unicorn.

Our old friend Go stopped by my store and we forced him to come into the club and talk to us. I'm pretty sure he just wanted to see the store and leave. LOL :-p Go's the one who taught me the Orton effect that I use in so many of my pics. And then he said he heard we were witches.

[22:18] You: we're not witches. who's spreading that rumor? lmao
[22:18] CeNedra Rivera: um
[22:18] CeNedra Rivera: anyone who knows us?

After Cen logged, I went around looking for a hammock for Levi's and my forest hideaway. [Baby, we really should come up with a cool name for our little spot.] I like the one from Pillow Talk, of course, but I'm beginning to wonder if I can't just make my own. Then, I could put in the scripts and some of the animations from the bed and then it would be .... oooh. Project!!

I miss my baby a whole bunch, but at least we were table to talk briefly tonight. And, first in my series of sad photos...

Oh so sad


CeNedra said...

Bots, Boobs, Boys, and Bi.. I mean Witches, yes quite a night.

I also applaud your restraint for editing many of the portions of our evening :D

CeNedra said...

I almost forgot...


Go said...


Tymmerie Thorne said...

So, how are the nipples on Fleur skins? You realize the kitty is even more important, right?

Alicia Chenaux said...

Tym - The nipples are ok on the Fleur skins, but the kitty leaves much to be desired. Of course, I was just looking at the newbie skins, but I figure they're probably fairly representative of the entire line.