Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pucker Up, Babies!

To give this a little more press, and because I FINALLY get to steal something from New World Notes, there's going to be a kissing booth set up tomorrow at the Relay Wizards Halfway There Fair. Money collected goes to Relay For Life and so it's for a good cause. :) Our own girl wonder, Tymmerie will be out there smooching! Hamlet Au, of NWN, has the shift after hers so I think I might stick around to finally meet him.

Here's the line up, snatched from NWN.

6 am ~ Random Calliope ~Prince of Avalon, Creator Ode Jewelry
7am - 9am Arminasx Saiman ~ Particle Designer ~ Blogger
9am ~ Larry Pixel ~ CEO NMC
10 am ~ Lionpride Lassard ~ DJ
11am ~ Tymmerie Thorne ~ Girl Wonder Speaks
12 noon ~ Hamlet Au ~ Reporter ~Author ~ New World Notes
1 pm ~ Zoe Connolly ~ Virtual Aviatrix, Aviatrix::Zoe Connolly
2 pm ~ Shawna Montgomery, Queen of Avalon
3pm ~ King Elexor Matador ~ Master Jeweler ~ King of Sparta
4pm ~ Kim Seifert ~ SL Songstress Extraordinaire
5pm ~ Elizabeth Antonelli, Princess of Avalon

I don't know many of the names on the list, but I figure here's my chance to smooch on Tymmerie and Jerremy can't say anything because it's for a good cause. :) I hope you all will stop by and pucker up for charity!!

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Sai Pennell said...

I believe this is mostly a Tiny Empires thing - I play Tiny Empires in SL, and am a member of "Avalon", and this has been brought up to us several times :D

I plan on attending, so maybe I will see you there ^^