Monday, May 5, 2008

Getting To Know Me!

I think all of us are getting these notecards about getting to know each other, and since I saw that JellyBean & Hawks did theirs in their blog [btw, happy anniversary to you guys!!!], I thought I'd do mine here and save you all from getting one extra notecard in your inventory. :)

1. What time did you get up this morning?
I think we already proved that getting up before noon isn't good for me. So today I woke up at 4pm.

2. Diamonds or pearls?
Diamonds are a girl's best friend. ;) But I also absolutely adore opals.

3. What was the last film you saw in the theatre?
Probably... Juno. Yeah, Juno. I don't go to the movies very much.

4. Favorite TV Show?
I have a lot of favorites. Girls Next Door, Chelsea Lately, Grey's Anatomy, American Idol, any of the dancing shows, Bizarre Foods...I could go on.

5. What do you usually have for breakfast?
Breakfast is usually dinner for me. LOL But generally I don't eat anything for a while after I get up.

6. What is your middle name?
I've always imagined my SL middle name to be Jade, after my favorite stone.

7. What food do you dislike?
Peas, lima beans, and brussel sprouts.

8. What is your favorite cd at the moment?
I don't really buy CDs. LOL But my favorite song of the moment is "I Caught Fire (In Your Eyes)" by The Used.

9. Favorite sandwich?
Chicken salad

10. What characteristic do you despise?
Being a know-it-all.

11. Favorite item of clothing?
Yoga pants

12. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation...
Italy or Greece. Or Egypt, to visit the pyramids.

13. What color is your bathroom?
Blue and white mostly.

14. Do you make friends easily?
No, not really. I'm very shy.

15. Where would you retire?
I'd probably just stay here. I like it.

16. What was your most recent memorable birthday?
My 21st was good, but that was almost 10 years ago. We don't really celebrate birthdays in my family once you get past 16.

17. Favorite sport to watch?
Football, baby!!

18. How many towns have you lived in?
I haven't moved very much and have stayed within 50 miles of my hometown.

19. How many people do you think will send this back?
I've gotten it from about 25 people already.

20. What is on your bedroom floor right now?

21. Favorite saying?
I don't know that it's my favorite, but I find myself yelling "Oh nuuuuuu!" a lot at the tv lately. LOL

22. When is your birthday?
Coming this summer to a theater near you!

23. Morning person or night person?

24. What is your shoe size?

25. Pets?
Just my Mr. Kitty.

26. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share?
Anything new I share with you all anyway. LOL

27. What did you want to be when you were little?
A ballerina. Or a princess. Or a Barbie clothes designer.

28. Which talent would you most like to have?
I'd love to be able to draw. My drawing is very much limited to flowers, hearts, and stick figures.

29. Which words or phrases do you overuse?
I probably use "LOL" 10 times more than most people.

30. What is your favorite flower?
Pink carnations, white roses, and most any kind of wild flower.

31. What is the day on the calendar you are looking forward to?
I'm looking forward to Halloween this year so I can build some cheap costumes.

32. What color are your eyes?
Blue in SL, brown in RL.

33. What was your favorite toy as a child?
Barbie, all the way!

34. Summer or winter?

35. Hugs or kisses?
Both, preferably. ;) But really I love hugs from people who actually love hugging. Those little "shoulder hugs" leave me unsatisfied.

36. Chocolate or vanilla?
Swirl it!

37. Do you want your friends to send this back to you?
If they'd like to. Or they can just blog it or answer in my comments.

38. What is under your bed?
Some storage boxes.

39. When was the last time you cried?
Last night, but I cry at a lot of things, so no worries.

40. Who is the friend you have had the longest in SL?
Cen, I think, because I didn't really have a lot of friends before I met her.

41. What did you do last night?
Hung out with Cen and then spent some time with Levi before he had to leave.

42. Favorite smell?
Chai tea, or coffee brewing.

43. What are you afraid of?
A lot of things.

44. Plain, sweet, or salted popcorn?
Salted and buttered, please. Or kettle corn. Mmm...kettle corn.

45. How many keys on your keyring?

46. How many years at your current job?
I was at the same place for about years before quitting.

47. Do you have any scars?
A few, but none of them too noticeable.

48. Favorite day of the week?
I don't really have a favorite day anymore.

49. What is your worst habit?
I get distracted easily sometimes. Oh, and I bite my nails if I'm nervous or upset.

50. How old were you when you got your first crush on someone?
6 years old. 1st grade, his name was Chad, and he had these dark eyes. Later in high school, I realized he was a complete ass.

51. How old were you when you lost your virginity? where did you lose it?
I won't say how old I was, but I was out of high school already.

52. Ever been arrested?
I don't have to answer this statement without a lawyer present. :-p

53. What is the most embarrassing celebrity/band/whatever that you'll admit to liking?
Are you kidding me? I love all kinds of embarrassing things!

54. If you could travel back in time, when would you visit?
I think I'd go back and visit something cool during each decade.

55. How many people are you sending this to?
All of you? LOL

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♥ JellyBean Madison ♥ said...

Awwww thanks for the anny wishes :)

I love reading these and I'm happy that peeps we consider friends are actually doin' them this time. :p